Singer Ray J #Arrested At Beverly Hills Hotel

Police arrested singer Ray J at a Beverly Hills hotel after they say he became belligerent with staff, kicked out a patrol car window and spit at an officer.

A statement from the Beverly Hills Police Department says officers were summoned to the hotel Friday evening to investigate a report that the 33-year-old singer had inappropriately touched a woman at the bar.Officers found the contact was incidental, and the singer agreed to leave.

But police say Ray J, whose legal name is William Ray Norwood, then refused to leave, became unruly and used his feet to shatter a patrol car window after being taken into custody.

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I will only get #Married after building a house in #Banana Island – Ice Prince

Nigerian Rapper Ice Prince has disclosed that he will not be getting married until he builds himself a house in Banana Island, an exclusive area in Lagos.

Chatting with Tribune, the 27 year old father of one, said “I am just 27 years old. I don’t have any brother or mentor that got married at 27. So, I have about five years to go. I have to make more money and build a house in Banana Island before I take a woman home”

He also shed some light on his kind of woman “I just want her to be honest. I don’t care if she is beautiful and has figure 8. I just want her to be honest, or we connect and have telepathy.”

He spoke further on his foray into music, his son and career.

“Yes. I have always loved music. I had an uncle called Dantala, who is a local artiste in Jos. I always watched him perform. But I didn’t know I was going to become a musician till I got to secondary school. I wanted to be a pilot, and then a doctor at some point; and so it kept changing. But as time went on in secondary school, I started playing at social nights.”

When asked if he would let his son, Jamal, embrace music, he said “I always put him up on my Twitter and Instagram. I always talk about him, and have never kept him away from people. I am never going to stop him from pursuing his dreams. If he says he wants to be a musician, a doctor or a lawyer, why not? The only thing I can do is guide him as a father.” he disclosed.

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Everything You Want To Know About #Infidelity But Are Too Afraid To Ask

Over the course of my 15 years as a private investigator specializing in infidelity, I have dealt with thousands of cases. Many of my clients ask the same questions when they first come to see me. Even though every case I deal with is unique, it seems that the pain and rejection experienced by my clients unites them. The questions are still as heartfelt as the first time I took on a case of discovering infidelity, and my answers are built up for many years of experience.

1. If he wants her so much why does he stay with me? Because he wants her as well as you. If he’s fallen head over heels in love with this woman and he can’t live without her then he might leave you for her, as some men do. The ones who don’t are just plain greedy.

2. Is it wrong to have him watched if I suspect he’s having an affair? Absolutely not. Don’t ever feel guilty about protecting yourself. As his wife you have every right to know what he’s doing with your health, finances and emotions.

3. Why does he keep doing this to me? They keep doing it because they know (from experience) you will forgive them. Often women who are married to serial cheaters will scream and shout at their partner if they discover he has been cheating, but ultimately they don’t take any action.

Remember you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. If you’re not prepared to up the ante, then expect to continue living a life of emotional turmoil.

4. He’s lied so much to me. How can I ever trust what he says again? To learn to trust someone again is extremely hard, and in some cases impossible. It is such an individual choice, and only you will know if you feel truly comfortable with what is being said and done. There’s no quick fix for infidelity. In fact, it can take literally years to restore trust.

Many men believe that once they have confessed, that should be the end of the matter. Unless you know that you’ve been heard on all levels and your partner has understood the gravity of his immaturity and the choices he’s made, then you’ll never get over his infidelity.

5. I know he’s having a relationship, but is it sexual? Of course it’s sexual. It doesn’t matter if it’s looking at pornography, chatting with other women online, or physically having an affair, because in the end it is a desire for sex. If it was all so innocent then the only question you would have to ask your partner would be, “Would you do any or all of these things with me present?”

When you ask the question “Is it sexual?” what you’re doing is trying to justify your partner’s deception and to minimize your own emotional anguish.

6. Is it my fault? How can it be your fault if you didn’t know it was happening?

Your husband may have tried to shift the blame onto you by saying if you were only more attentive, less busy, etc., he would never have done this. But for every action there is a reaction, so he should take responsibility for his actions.

7. I think my husband’s having an affair but he’s home every evening, so how can he be? Many affairs are conducted during the day, mostly when both parties are married and going out in the evening would arouse suspicion. Many of my clients seem to think affairs are about long afternoons together, but in my experience they’re much more likely to be quickies during the day because remember, time isn’t the issue here; it’s all about sex.

8. Why won’t he tell me the truth? That’s all I ask. In majority of cases, his lies are to avoid having to face your anger and hurt if he tells you the truth. He hopes that denying it will make it go away and you’ll give up asking. He lies to protect his ego and often to protect the other woman, fearing that you will use the information to undermine him or her. And finally, he may fear that the truth will damage his image in the eyes of others.

9. Do I need to prove the identity the other woman now that adultery is no longer grounds for divorce? Initially, needing to know has nothing to do with money and everything to do with uncovering deceit. Uncovering emotional deceit often leads to uncovering financial deceit. That’s when needing to know has everything to do with money and divorce settlements.

10. Should I stay for the children? Children easily pick up on tension at home and can blame themselves for what’s going on. If you choose to stay and try to rebuild your relationship, you will both need to agree how this can be achieved without causing trauma for the children. From a child’s point of view, one happy parent is always better than two warring parents.

11. When I say I’m going to leave, why does my partner not take me seriously? Because you didn’t leave. Threats without action are worth nothing.

By Julia Hartley Moore for

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LADIES; Seven things you shouldn’t say or do when your friend gets #Engaged

1. Criticize the ring:

My friend’s engagement ring is not like your standard ring. It’s different and judging by the caption she included with the picture, exactly what she asked for. It didn’t include a diamond and it wasn’t platinum. And instead of people applauding the fact that her man listened to her and got it right, one of the very first comments under the picture was, “Nice ring but I’m still waiting on my diamond though.” Umm… two things. 1.) Don’t talk about the engagement ring that her dude went and got for her at her request. If it’s good for her, then it should be none of your concern. And 2.) Don’t make this about you! A lot of us are still waiting on rings but this is supposed to be about celebrating your friend’s engagement not talking about your hypothetical one. Chill and let her have her moment.

2. Question the timing of the engagement:

Comments like “Really, so soon?” or “Finally!” aren’t appropriate for this time. If she said yes, then the timing worked for her. You’re not the one who’s committing your life to anyone.

3. Try to talk her out of marrying him:

If you’re her sister, mother or very best friend– and I do mean very best friend– and you feel like this really isn’t the right move, then ask her if she’s sure one time. If she says yes then tap into your inner Lupita Nyong’o and act like you’re happy for her.
If it is a mistake, let it be hers to make. Planning a wedding and embarking on a new life with someone are not easy transitions, she’ll need a support system. And at the end of the day, whether you think it’s a mistake or not, is not the point. Your friend/family member is an adult (hopefully) with the free will to make her own decisions. As much as it might hurt to watch, you have to let her make them. If you are not one of the above mentioned characters in her life story, then you really shouldn’t speak on it at all.

4. Compare your journey to hers:

So far, most of these pointers have been in relation to the engaged woman. But this one is all about you, boo. When people we’ve grown up with start getting married and having babies etc, it can be easy for us to compare our journeys with theirs. You start thinking things like “Maybe I should be engaged now too.” “I’m not even dating anyone.” “I’m so far behind.” After all we went through school together, hit puberty around the same time and graduated on the same day, we should be reaching life’s milestones together too right? Wrong. Teddy Roosevelt told y’all, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Everyone’s path is different and you’re not competing with anyone but yourself. Don’t try to live anyone else’s life, I guarantee you won’t like it. Sure, you can take some time and see what’s going on with folks, even celebrate with them. You should. But be sure to get back to your own lane and do you

5. Agree to be a bridesmaid when you can’t afford it/don’t want to:

Unless you feel morally obligated to take on the role of bridesmaid, I suggest you don’t do it if you know your money is funny or you just don’t want to be in the wedding. If you sign on for this responsibility and your heart or your pockets aren’t fully in it, you’ll be the bridesmaid who complains about every penny spent and every activity planned. And that’s not who you want to be. Not only will it hurt your friend’s feelings if she finds out, the women you’re complaining to will know not to invite you to be a part of their day. This is the time to be happy for your girl and if being in the wedding is going to take away from some of that happiness, then you should be honest with her and just chill with the general audience.

6. Give Unsolicited wedding planning advice:

I know for some of you this is going to be a hard one. But unless your friend explicitly uses the words, “What do you think…” then assume she doesn’t want your input. With all the bridal magazines, Pinterest boards and other pieces of advice she’ll be getting from family (read: her mother), you throwing in your two cents into the pot might be an overload. Plus she might not like your taste. Wait until she comes to you.

7. Ask if she is pregnant:

Even if she is…just don’t ask this question. It’s rude.

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Guys don’t be fooled! Here are some sneaky #Games that women play with men

Often times men are accused of being cheaters and players, but let’s not get it twisted.. Women can be just as guilty of the same thing. Why don’t we take a look at some of the games they play!

She plays the emotional card:

Women like to get mad at little things here and there. For example, say you miss her phone call and you don’t return the call on time. She’ll start yelling at you. She catches you glancing at another woman, she may give you the silent treatment. But here’s the WORSE thing for her to do. Say she asks you for something and you don’t want to give it to her, what does she do to make sure she gets her way? She plays the EMOTIONAL CARD! Men, be weary of fake tears! They may just be a way to get you to commit to doing something that you don’t want to do.

She refuses to sleep with you:

If your woman normally sleeps with you on a regular basis, and you have upset her or have refused to listen to her demands, she may try to hit you where it really hurts! In the bedroom! Women know how much men can get addicted to this particularly fun pass time, and they can use it as a way to manipulate and get their way. So be strong and don’t give in.

She uses her “good-good” to play games with you:

For example say she knows that you are planning on going out with your friends for the night, and she is feeling insecure about you going out with your friends for the weekend. Just as you are about to leave she sends you a thrilling text, tricking you to come over for the night so she can put her insecurities to rest.

She flirts with another guy:

If she flirts with another guy she is very foolish because at the end of the day it just shows that she is disrespectful, and quite possibly very untrustworthy. The goal with this game she is playing? She is trying to get your attention and make you jealous. Don’t fall for her trick!

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Man invents #Condom that covers just the tip of the #Penis

An American has invented a new condom which he says is stronger, safer and enables better sensitivity. And the new condom is called the Galactic Cap Condom (Penis Helmet)
This new condom sits only on the very tip of the penis, leaving the shaft exposed boosting sensitivity and enabling easier application. It was developed by LA-based Charles Powell after one of his friends contracted HIV.
The condom comprises two parts – a U-shape polyurethane adhesive film that wraps around the penis like a plaster around a finger – and a cap that sticks to it to firmly trap semen.

Mr Powell claims the polyurethane part is like a second skin – and can be put on hours or days in advance as it can be worn while urinating and washing. But when a man wants to have sex, he peels off the paper backing on the cap and sticks it to the polyurethane to securely bond the two and trap semen.

He insists the device, which is transparent, will stay on for the duration.

Mr Powell believes his product provides a solution to three common issues with condoms: a lack of sensitivity, problems getting into the packaging and applying the condom.

Very interesting, rght? But would you prefer this to the regular condoms, guys? 

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Mother ties up and flogs man who #Raped her daughter (See Photos)

A man who allegedly raped a teenage girl in Malaysia got the lesson of his life when the furious mother of the victim took matters into her own hands by meting out her own punishment on him.

The mother had  tied the 28-year-old man up and caned him on his bare buttocks with a tree branch.

The flogging was filmed , which showed the woman in  north east Malaysia paying back the alleged rapist in her own way, but it has since been taken down.

According to reports, the man was hurt so bad he had to go to the hospital for treatment.

Daily Mail reports:

Ironically, if he is convicted of raping the 13-year-old girl he is likely to be caned all over again by the authorities as well as receiving a lengthy prison sentence. 

Assistant police commissioner Lai Yong Heng said officers had viewed the video and were now trying to identify the mother and a group of people alleged to have helped her tie the man, pull down his pants and thrash his bare buttocks.

‘He received injuries to his body and head and had to go to hospital, while a second man linked to the rape was assaulted by a group of people,’ commissioner Lai told Malaysia’s The Star newspaper.

Now those involved in handing out the punishment to the alleged rapists are also expected to be charged.

‘People should not take the law Into their own hands, even if they believe they have a right to do so,’ said Mr Lai.

Livid: The mother used a tree branch to violently strike the man on his bare flesh.

Onlookers watched as the woman took her revenge on the man.

Police want the woman and others seen in the footage to surrender themselves before they are arrested.

‘We hope that the woman and the others seen in the video will surrender themselves before they are arrested.’

The Star said the teenager had been raped several times by the two suspects in a house in the village of Tawang.

As the police search for the cane-wielding mother, people have taken to social media to defend her actions.

Stephen Riches wrote: ‘I would also whip the living day lights out of any man that abused my child.’

Sithashini Balakrishnan defended the mother, writing:’All she was doing was making an example of the monster for all the other monsters out there.

‘The other monsters will think twice before they do it again.’

Support: Since the video appeared online, there has been a wave of support from the community backing the woman’s actions.

Investigating: Police have confirmed they have seen the video and are trying to establish the identity of the mother.

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