As the Power situation
keeps getting worse
daily with the Scarcity
of Fuel & its High Price;
there are now various
inverter packages that
will power your house or
office appliances such as:

TV, Sound system, fans,
lights, DSTV decoder,
laptop, Fridge or Freezer,
& more for about 10hrs
when NEPA/PHCN goes off
as Usual for days or weeks.


1.5 or 2Kva With
Small Batteries

It Can Power:
TV, Sound system, fans,
lights, DSTV decoder,
laptop for about 10hrs
when NEPA/PHCN goes off

Price: N165K

1.5 or 2Kva With
Medium Batteries

It Can Power:
TV, Sound system, fans,
lights, DSTV decoder,
laptop, & More for More
than 10hrs when
NEPA/PHCN goes off.

Price: N180K


1.5 or 2Kva With One
with big batteries

It Can Power:
TVs, Sound system, fans,
lights, DSTV decoder,
laptops, & More appliances
for Far More than 10hrs
when NEPA/PHCN goes off.



2.5Kva wit 3 batteries will

It Can Power:
TV, Sound system, fans,
lights, DSTV decoder,
laptop & Either 1 Average
Sized Fridge or Freezer
for More than 10hrs when
NEPA/PHCN goes off



3.5KVA wit 4 batteries

It Can Power:
TV, Sound system, fans,
lights, DSTV decoder,
laptop & one average sized
fridge and Freezer for
10hrs when NEPA/PHCN
goes off.

Price: N410K

All of these Prices include
the Installation fee for
For Lagos Residents only.
for Residents outside lagos,
there will be extra charges
depending on your Location.

Its a One Year Gaurantee
for All the Various
Inverters & Batteries.

If you Come to think of
how Much Money & Stress
you will eventually save
yourself from; its worth it!

For More Info:

Call: 08100194613



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Dear ‘From Da Source’ Readers

Good Day to You, Sorry for the Break in Blogging from our Blog, it was due to some maintainance and verious upgrades. We are pleased to inform that Our Blogging Starts on the 15th of January 2015.

Thank You for Your Understanding.
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7 Reasons Girls Love Watching Reality TV

7 Reasons Girls Love Watching Reality TV

Girls love reality television the way that guys (and girls) love sports. While guys may enjoy the unscripted genre too, many girls — myself included — have a passion for reality shows that “Survivor” contestants can’t even compete with. Here’s why we give reality the final rose.

1. The shows are competitive…

The stars don’t have to be competing for money, or even for a man, because everyone on a reality show is competing to be the most interesting, hated, likable, or compelling, ultimately to get the most screen time. Every tactic from backstabbing to streaking is used in this attention-seeking war, and that level of social game is irresistible.

2. …and manipulative

Everyone likes being manipulative when it gets us what we want, but seeing this exaggerated on reality TV reminds us it’s a bad look, while satisfying our craving for a little conniving behavior. (Ironically, we too are being manipulated by the producers, directors and — yep — writers, so it’s not our fault we love it so much.)

3. Voyeurism can be fun

Watching people when you feel like you’re not supposed to has always been a guilty pleasure. In the Journal of Media Psychology, Dr. Lemi Baruh distinguishes “nosy voyeurism” (like watching reality TV) from the more pathological, sexual form of voyeurism. Simply put, watching “Naked and Afraid” doesn’t make you a legitimate Peeping Tom, just a girl with a television.

4. They give us new friends to hate on

The impulse to talk behind someone’s back isn’t always a character flaw. Research shows that our brains are wired for critical gossip. It’s not our fault; it’s evolution’s. If the urge weren’t normal, “fremeny” wouldn’t be a word in the Oxford Dictionary!

Reality shows give us people to talk about behind their backs (unless it’s on social media), as if they were our friends, and it’s a nice way to give our real friends a break.

5. The drama and gossip are infinite

Legal scandals, family feuds and Twitter wars all ensure that our favorite shows never stop; if anything, they just get spinoffs. There’s always plenty of drama to binge on. Us gals sometimes aren’t great about letting go, and with reality TV, we don’t have to.

6. We can multitask

Unlike dramas, reality shows don’t require your undivided attention to enjoy them. For women, the ability to do other things while watching television may be a part of the appeal, because we’re better at multitasking, according to a recent study in the Journal of Biomedical Science Science. If I only watched “Law & Order: SVU,” my laundry would never get folded.

7. They make us feel better about ourselves

While characters on scripted shows can make us feel inadequate, girls look to reality TV for reassurance. Not only does the genre depict real people sometimes not wearing makeup, it showcases all kinds of human inadequacies. When Jessica Simpson asked if tuna was made out of chicken on “Newlyweds,” we all laughed but also recognized our own countless moments of “OMG, what did I just say?”
Taking comfort in the fact that you’re not a Real Housewife, Bachelor contestant or Dance Mom doesn’t make you a hater — it makes you a fan, just like the rest of us.

Do you all agree or not?

By Lauren Vino
Source: MTV News
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Playing Music Gives Brains A ‘Full Body Workout,’ Says Science

Anyone who’s picked up an instrument knows the joy and pain of coordinating all the physiological pieces required to really rock out. Turns out that sensation is unique even at the neurological level, as explained in the nifty animation above summarizing a TedEd lecture by arts educator Anita Collins on the goings-ons of a musician’s brain. Your mom was right: they’re not like the rest of ours.

Recent studies by neuroscientists of FMRI scans show that whereas activities like reading a book, doing math problems, or even listening to music only stimulate parts of the brain, playing an instrument engages the whole organ. Not only does the musician’s brain light up like the sky on the Fourth of July as it hustles to process “different information in intricate, interrelated, and astonishingly fast sequences,” it also seems to store memories more efficiently than its counterparts, using a complex “tagging” method the narrator compares to that of a “a good internet search engine.”

Of course, there’s no telling which is the chicken and which the egg in this scenario. As the video posits, those drawn to music may simply have higher functioning brains to begin with. A zillion Taylor Swift thinkpiece writers can’t be wrong, right?

By Mallika Rao
Source: Huffington Post
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