#OJB Jezreel Discharged from Hospital

After a successful heart surgery in far away India, OJB Jezreel has been finally discharged.
The ace producer sent out a release stating that he’s well, has been discharged and will soon return to the country.

Statement Below:

Dear fellow Nigerians,
Greetings from far away India !I am sure this note from me will catch you with a little surprise. I have been reading a lot of news about ME being published on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and different Blogs by my good friends.

I thought I must take out a quick moment and let you know that I am officially discharged today from the hospital, after a successful Kidney Transplantation Surgery, by God’s Grace. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Nigerians for your prayers & good wishes, without which all this would not have been possible.

I also take this opportunity to thank my friends, fans and family for all the love, prayers and good wishes for a Speedy Recovery!! Be home with you soon …….
Thank you once again sincerely,
Your very own OJB Jezreel.

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Mike Tyson Warns Chris Brown – Stop Punching People….Or Else

We guess this is definitely from experience.

Mike Tyson is worried about Chris Brown … he thinks the pop star is too violent … and if he doesn’t cut the crap, CB is going to pay a very serious price.

Tyson was a guest on the 95.5 PLJ Morning Show this morning … when the gang asked if Mike, who’s battled anger issues in the past, had any advice for Chris — and Tyson delivered.

“I like and admire that little guy,” Tyson said … adding, “I’m just worried about him.”

Tyson says he knows from experience that if Chris doesn’t learn to control his rage issues, people will turn on him — and “they’re gonna put him somewhere where that’s all they do is assault people.”

We’re guessing he means prison.

You gotta listen to the interview, it’s incredible — and Tyson ends with this gem: “Chris should know this … if you’re not humble in this world, this world will thrust humbleness upon you!

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The Law vs 50 Cent

LOS ANGELES — LOS ANGELES (AP) — Rapper 50 Cent has been sentenced to three years of probation after pleading no contest to vandalism in a case filed after an alleged fight with his ex-girlfriend earlier this year.

Los Angeles City Attorney’s spokesman Frank Mateljan (mah-tell-JIN’) says the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was ordered on Monday to pay $7,100 in restitution and take year of domestic violence classes.Jackson had previously pleaded not guilty to destroying items in his ex-girlfriend’s condo during a June argument. The woman had accused Jackson of breaking down a door and kicking her, but the domestic violence charge was dropped Monday.

Mateljan says the rapper must comply with a restraining order.

Attorney Scott Leemon said Jackson is pleased the case is resolved and the domestic violence charge was dropped.

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Chris Brown Released After Assault Charge Reduced To Misdemeanor

Chris Brown’s misdemeanor assault charge in Washington, D.C., could further complicate the R&B singer’s unsettled legal situation. Additional time behind bars remains a possibility for the singer — both in the District of Columbia and California — where Brown remains on probation for his 2009 beating of his on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown emerged from a Washington court on Monday flashing a peace sign after spending more than a day in custody on a charge filed after a man accused the Grammy winner and his bodyguard of punching him and breaking his nose outside a local hotel.Brown’s arrest early Sunday comes at a crucial time for the singer, who is releasing an album this winter and is under a deadline to complete hundreds of hours of community service to satisfy his sentence for the Rihanna attack.

His day and a half in custody are the longest time the scandal-plagued singer has spent behind bars and the case represents the most serious accusations he’s faced since his attack on Rihanna. Brown left the courthouse to cheers from supporters, some of whom clapped when a judge announced he would be released.

His time in custody was much longer than the few hours he spent at a Los Angeles jail after the Rihanna attack. In contrast to Brown’s LA court appearances, which routinely happen in the afternoon when his case is the only one on calendar, Brown appeared in a crowded D.C. courtroom and had to wait until the end of the day for his case to be called and his release granted.

Brown is accused of punching a man who tried to get a picture with the singer and two other people near Washington’s W Hotel early Sunday, according to the man’s account in a police report. The report states Parker Isaac Adams, 20, said Brown told him, “I’m not down with that gay s—” and “I feel like boxing.” The exact context of Brown’s remarks was not immediately clear.

The man told police Brown punched him in the face, and a court filing states the man’s nose was fractured. Brown’s bodyguard, Chris Hollosy, stepped between them and also punched the man before grabbing Brown by the arm and leading him toward his tour bus, according to the report.

In an interview with police, Brown denied hitting the man and said he was on his tour bus when Hollosy got into a fight with Adams.

“We understand that his security acted to protect Mr. Brown and Mr. Brown’s property as he was authorized to do under District of Columbia law. We are confident that Mr. Brown will be exonerated of any wrongdoing,” Brown’s lawyer, Danny Onorato, said after Monday’s hearing.

Brown, 24, had a squeaky clean image before his attack on Rihanna on the eve of the 2009 Grammys, but since then has had several flare-ups that have been reported to authorities and noted by Los Angeles prosecutors. Brown broke a window after a 2011 “Good Morning America” interview in New York and was accused of snatching a woman’s cellphone in Miami after she tried to snap pictures of the singer. He was also slightly injured in a New York nightclub brawl and earlier this year, was accused of being involved in a fistfight with Frank Ocean’s entourage over a parking spot at a West Hollywood recording studio.

He was not charged in any of the incidents, but they have kept his public image tarnished, even as legions of fans continue to support him. Many of Brown’s more than 13 million Twitter followers continue to come to the singer’s defense and attack his critics on the site.

The release of singer’s latest album, “X,” was delayed earlier this year and is due to be released in the coming months. Brown’s career since the Rihanna attack has been a mixed bag: his 2009 album “Graffiti” bombed but he found success with the back-to-back pop hits “Yeah 3x” and “Deuces,” which was — one of 2010’s top R&B songs.

He also earned his first Grammy win for his album “F. A. M. E.” and received several nominations for his follow-up “Fortune.” The album featured 2011’s most popular rap song, “Look At Me Now.”

While jail time would put a dent in his career, others — from the ultra-successful Lil Wayne to T.I. — have made it to the top of the charts after prison stints.

Brown faces an August 2014 deadline to complete 1,000 hours of graffiti cleanup or other community labor. The additional service was added earlier this year after prosecutors accused Brown of failing to properly complete his service in his home state of Virginia.

In addition to penalties Brown would face if convicted in the Washington case, he also faces the possibility of up to four years in prison if a Los Angeles judge determines he violated his probation for the Rihanna attack.

Probation officials would need to investigate the new arrest for it to become an issue in California, which could happen before Brown’s next probation progress hearing on Nov. 20.

Judges typically wait to see if a person on probation is convicted in a new case before imposing new punishments, said Los Angeles defense attorney Steve Cron, however Brown’s notoriety may prompt earlier scrutiny.

LA prosecutors cited the “Good Morning America” and Miami cellphone snatching incident in court filings earlier this year seeking modifications to Brown’s probation. The office had no comment on the Washington arrest.

Cron said while Brown’s fate depends on the facts in the Washington case, the singer’s history might lead to some more time behind bars. “If the guy got hurt at all, I think he’s looking at some jail time,” he said.

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Kim Kardashian Will Take Kanye West’s Last Name After They Are Married

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, right?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may have actually contemplated not giving their daughter North a last name, but now that the pair is engaged, the reality star plans on taking the rapper’s surname as her own.

E! News caught up with Kardashian at her birthday celebration in Las Vegas on Friday (Oct. 25) and the 33-year-old revealed that once she’s married she’ll start going by “Kim Kardashian West” (not hyphenated — Kardashian will serve as a middle name). When Kim answered the question, it almost seemed as if she were entertaining the thought for the first time and suddenly decided, “Yes, I will take his name.”

If Kardashian does end up taking West’s last name it could be seen as a good omen for the marriage; the reality star’s momager had reservations about Kim taking on her ex-husband Kris Humphries’ last name for branding reasons.

“I don’t think she should take his name and be Kim Humphries … She needs to be Kim Kardashian because she’s worked so hard to get where she is,” Kris Jenner told PopEater in 2011.

Will the name Kardashian West carry more currency? And will that be the key to a successful marriage? Only time will tell.

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”I am a mother”, I’ve Learnt From My Mistakes – Jackie Appiah

I am Jackie Appiah, a Ghanaian but was born in Canada in the early 80s. We moved back to Ghana in 1993.  I had a very happy childhood with lots of friends.
One of the biggest actresses in Ghana
I feel blessed and favoured. God has honoured me with this precious talent. He has made me known across the globe, and I have made people laugh and cry. I am happy to be in this profession and I am happy my people appreciate the work that I do, especially my fans.

Me and Nollywood
Nigeria is like my second home. I think the acceptance was buoyed by the fact that I won the best supporting actress at Africa Movie Academy Awards. I came back the following year,  got an award as the best actress in leading role and each time I came around, producers contacted me to take up roles in their movies and that was it.

First Nigerian movie
The first Nollywood movie I took part in was Sleepwalker, it was a joint collaboration between Ghana and Nigeria. It featured Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey Noah, and Mercy Johnson to mention but a few.

Nollywood and Ghollywood
They are both growing in the right direction but I have noticed that life in Nollywood is more upbeat. For instance, whenever I am in Lagos, everything is moving fast! Nigerians are hasty when doing things while Ghanaians are laid back and relaxed. So, when I am in Nigeria, I double my speed and when I get back to Ghana, I relax again.

Journey into acting
I started acting at the age of 12 in my local church group. However, I became a professional actress when I starred in the TV series, Things We Do for Love. I have since evolved from that and learned a lot from everything around me including mistakes. As we grow older, a lot of things change and we mature in experience. I am a changed person, older, stronger, and wiser. My rise has been due to plenty of hard work and commitment to what I do. I always have it at the back of my mind that everything is possible. Impossibility does not exist in my dictionary. Sometimes, the best things happen when you just go with your instincts. I wouldn’t forget my team and crew, fellow actors and actresses who all contributed to where I am today. Above all, talent is a gift from God, who shows me the way and leads me to the light.

Being in the limelight was not something I was prepared for and it is not as easy as everyone thinks. I would say fame is the most difficult thing to control because your life is no longer private. The media is constantly on your trail and people think all sorts of things about you. These are things that are beyond your control, you can’t get a hang of them. Sometimes the tales are so terrible you just want to sit in your room and cry! Sometimes these stories get to you but over time I have learnt to ignore them.

Me and Michael Bobby Obodo
He is simply a colleague and there is no truth in the allegation that we are dating. It’s false! Because people see us together does not mean we are romantically inclined. It is just a figment of some people’s imagination. Some people are up to mischief. Controversies no longer get to me. I have outgrown many things.

That is my private live. I don’t go personal when granting interviews but I am a mother.

I just wear anything that looks good on me. I love to experiment and I like to wear designers.

I relax at home by watching movies I have done in the past.

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Do women regret failed romance more than men?

For most women being in relationship is the ultimate happiness,which is vital for her existence and contentment. She wants to share  everything with her ‘soulmate

1. ‘What ifs?’ and ‘Should I have?’ questions plague women for a long time
Clinical psychologist and traumatologist, Dr Seema Hingorrany, says, “Most men put stuff in compartments and focus on one thing at a time depending on what they think is top priority. Women, on the other hand, tend to give emotions more priority and everything else comes after that as a result they are more likely to introspect about a failed romantic relationship than men. Also, because we live in a patriarchal society, a woman is conditioned to think about her family first and then about herself. As a result, most women are often plagued with doubts.

‘What ifs’ and ‘should I have’ become a part of her existence, unlike men who are  encouraged to go out there and live their life as they please.” Media executive Sonal Shah, agrees with Seema, and adds, “When I look back at my life, I still regret the fact that I chose my parents over the guy I love. I let them dictate terms and agreed to a marriage within my same caste, and now I am frustrated and miserable wondering if I should have followed my heart.”

2. Don’t men have regrets too when it comes to failed romance?
Of course they do, it’s just that most men choose not to dwell on them says, Dr Rajiv Anand, psychiatrist and marriage counsellor. He adds, “For most women being in relationship is the ultimate happiness,which is vital for her existence and contentment. She wants to share  everything with her ‘soulmate’. She wants to lean on someone and get the feeling of a  secured future, financially and emotionally. This makes her more dependent on her man. Most men, on the other hand, tend to focus their energies on work and other responsibilities, and avoid visiting the past as they see that as a dead end.” Also, very few men will admit to regrets because they think it is not masculine to do so.

3. Why you should not live in the past
Pondering over a failed relationship will only bring you down, make you moody and leave you with a sense of helplessness. As a result you are more likely to be down, and may be in a perpetual state of depression, which is bad for your emotional well-being.

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