As the Power situation
keeps getting worse
daily with the Scarcity
of Fuel & its High Price;
there are now various
inverter packages that
will power your house or
office appliances such as:

TV, Sound system, fans,
lights, DSTV decoder,
laptop, Fridge or Freezer,
& more for about 10hrs
when NEPA/PHCN goes off
as Usual for days or weeks.


1.5 or 2Kva With
Small Batteries

It Can Power:
TV, Sound system, fans,
lights, DSTV decoder,
laptop for about 10hrs
when NEPA/PHCN goes off

Price: N165K

1.5 or 2Kva With
Medium Batteries

It Can Power:
TV, Sound system, fans,
lights, DSTV decoder,
laptop, & More for More
than 10hrs when
NEPA/PHCN goes off.

Price: N180K


1.5 or 2Kva With One
with big batteries

It Can Power:
TVs, Sound system, fans,
lights, DSTV decoder,
laptops, & More appliances
for Far More than 10hrs
when NEPA/PHCN goes off.



2.5Kva wit 3 batteries will

It Can Power:
TV, Sound system, fans,
lights, DSTV decoder,
laptop & Either 1 Average
Sized Fridge or Freezer
for More than 10hrs when
NEPA/PHCN goes off



3.5KVA wit 4 batteries

It Can Power:
TV, Sound system, fans,
lights, DSTV decoder,
laptop & one average sized
fridge and Freezer for
10hrs when NEPA/PHCN
goes off.

Price: N410K

All of these Prices include
the Installation fee for
For Lagos Residents only.
for Residents outside lagos,
there will be extra charges
depending on your Location.

Its a One Year Gaurantee
for All the Various
Inverters & Batteries.

If you Come to think of
how Much Money & Stress
you will eventually save
yourself from; its worth it!

For More Info:

Call: 08100194613



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Dear ‘From Da Source’ Readers

Good Day to You, Sorry for the Break in Blogging from our Blog, it was due to some maintainance and verious upgrades. We are pleased to inform that Our Blogging Starts on the 15th of January 2015.

Thank You for Your Understanding.
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Playing Music Gives Brains A ‘Full Body Workout,’ Says Science

Anyone who’s picked up an instrument knows the joy and pain of coordinating all the physiological pieces required to really rock out. Turns out that sensation is unique even at the neurological level, as explained in the nifty animation above summarizing a TedEd lecture by arts educator Anita Collins on the goings-ons of a musician’s brain. Your mom was right: they’re not like the rest of ours.

Recent studies by neuroscientists of FMRI scans show that whereas activities like reading a book, doing math problems, or even listening to music only stimulate parts of the brain, playing an instrument engages the whole organ. Not only does the musician’s brain light up like the sky on the Fourth of July as it hustles to process “different information in intricate, interrelated, and astonishingly fast sequences,” it also seems to store memories more efficiently than its counterparts, using a complex “tagging” method the narrator compares to that of a “a good internet search engine.”

Of course, there’s no telling which is the chicken and which the egg in this scenario. As the video posits, those drawn to music may simply have higher functioning brains to begin with. A zillion Taylor Swift thinkpiece writers can’t be wrong, right?

By Mallika Rao
Source: Huffington Post
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Scientists Uncover The Secret Of The ‘Elite Controllers’ Who Can Spontaneously ‘Cure’ HIV

Scientists have uncovered the genetic mechanism which appeared to have led two HIV-infected men to experience a ‘spontaneous cure’.

They say the discovery could lead to new treatments for the disease.
Both men were infected by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), one of them 30 years ago, but never developed AIDS symptoms.

The AIDS-causing virus remained in their immune cells but was inactivated because its genetic code had been altered, the scientists said.

The change appeared to be linked to increased activity of a common enzyme named APOBEC, they theorised.
The ‘apparent spontaneous cure’ throws up an intriguing avenue for drug engineers, the team said in a statement.

‘The work opens up therapeutic avenues for a cure, using or stimulating this enzyme, and avenues for identifying individuals among newly-infected patients who have a chance of a spontaneous cure.’

The work, published in the journal Clinical Microbiology and Infection, was carried out by scientists at France’s Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm).

HIV replicates by invading human CD4 immune cells, which it reprogrammes to become virus factories.

A rare group of people — fewer than one percent of those infected — are naturally able to rein in viral replication and keep the virus at clinically undetectable levels.

They are known as ‘elite controllers’, but the mechanism by which they keep the virus at bay remains a mystery.

The French group looked at two such individuals, a 57-year-old man diagnosed HIV-positive in 1985, and a 23-year-old diagnosed in 2011, and sequenced their virus genomes.

Source: Billion Bill Blog
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Africa Gets a First White Leader in 20 Years

Zambia’s Guy Scott became Africa’s first white head of state in 20 years on Wednesday after the president, “King Cobra” Michael Sata, died in a London hospital aged 77.

Scott, a Cambridge-educated economist born to Scottish parents, was Sata’s vice president.

He takes over as interim leader until an election in three months, making him the first white African leader since South Africa’s F.W. de Klerk lost to Nelson Mandela in the 1994 election that ended apartheid, Reuters says.

“Elections for the office of president will take place within 90 days. In the interim I am acting president,” Scott said in a brief televised address.
“The period of national mourning will start today. We will miss our beloved president and comrade.”

Scott, 70, will not be eligible to run for the presidency because of citizenship restrictions, analysts say.

Sata, an abrasive figure nicknamed “King Cobra” because of his venomous tongue, died on Tuesday in London, where he was receiving medical treatment, the government said earlier. He had been president of Zambia, Africa’s second-largest copper producer since 2011.

The cause of death was not immediately disclosed, but Sata had been ill for some time. He was being treated at London’s King Edward VII hospital when he died, the website Zambian Watchdog reported.
“As you are aware, the president was receiving medical attention in London,” cabinet secretary Roland Msiska announced on state television. “The head of state passed away on October 28. President Sata’s demise is deeply regretted.”

Source: Agbo’s Blog
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Doctor Explains How A Man Can Get Stuck Inside A Woman During Sex

Over the weekend, you heard about an Italian couple who reportedly started having sex in the Mediterranean Sea and finished in the ER, because their genitals wouldn’t disunite. It sounds outlandish — hell, we can barely figure out the physics of intercourse in the bathtub — but there’s an actual medical explanation for it. And the basic concept is pretty much this:
rocko finger trap

It’s caused by a vaginal spasm, and apparently in the Italian couple’s case, the water added a significant suction increase. Dr. Yvonne Fulbright was asked — formerly Astroglide’s go-to sexologist, who now has her own line of products — to pull us in and grip us with her knowledge…

Penis captivus started as an urban legend a long, long time ago
“Just hearing the term ‘penis captivus’ can have one shuttering,” says Dr. Fulbright. “Penis capitvus is an idea that started in medieval times. People feared that the penis could get ‘sucked into’ the vagina during the missionary position, possibly forever.”

Legit medical studies have found evidence to support the theory
“While largely hearsay, and chalked up mostly as mythical, an article published in a 1979 issue of the British Medical Journal claims that penis captivus has occurred very rarely to humans throughout history.

Apparently, a handful of couples have gotten locked inseparably during sexual intercourse. This is actually pretty common with dogs.”Unless you’re a dog, it’s unlikely you’ll ever experience this — you have a better chance of winning the lottery — but just in case, here’s some advice…
“Should you ever find this actually happening, then both you and your lover need to relax and take the focus off of intercourse and anything sexy.

This allows blood to leave the penis, so that he can withdraw more easily. And her pelvic floor muscles will also relax, as not to clench the shaft.”

In other words, guys, for once in your life, you should think about baseball to make intercourse last shorter.

Source: Billion Bill Blog
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