Lebanese Digs Up His Mum’s Grave To Take A Selfie With Her

A Lebanese graveyard guard, Deab Saiqly, who loves to spend time in the graveyard, dug up his mother’s grave and took a selfie with the corpse, according to an MBC TV report.

The MBC TV Channel interviewed the man and asked a psychologist to analyze the case, and the man seemed very normal and showed no sign of any mental problems.

Deab, during the interview, said he feels happiness being among the dead. He also said he rejected a proposal for marriage from a lady in the US because he did not want to leave the grave where he works. He says he often takes selfies with corpses, but only kept the picture with his mother.

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Wife Caught in the Act of Cheating After Husband Pretended To Be Away On A Business Trip

Have you ever watched the TV show named cheaters where couples get to find out by paying huge amount of money to a private investigator to trail their suspected partner a.k.a cheater in the relationship or marriage?

Mr Amos who had suspected that his wife was cheating decided to be the private investigator by staging a fake business trip.

The woman of Zimbabwe, appeared before judge Tendai Mahwe on Friday, to answer charges of attempted murder after she allegedly burned her husband with hot tea.

The incident occurred during a domestic dispute when the husband caught his wife in a compromising position with another man.
The alleged victim of 1419 Chigutsa Street, Dzivarasekwa 3, was admitted to a hospital with burn wounds.

Prosecutor Sharon Mashavira said that Privilege Amos, poured the hot water over her husband when he confronted her over cheating.

Mr. Amos was alerted about his wife’s cheating by neighbors, who witnessed a strange man coming into his home when he was out of town.

Mr. Amos allegedly pretended to have gone out of town, but then came home at night and caught his wife with her lover in their bed.

Privilege Amos then rushed to the kitchen, grabbed hot tea and poured it over her husband. A police report was made leading to her arrest.

Mrs. Amos was remanded into custody, and so far, no bail has been set for her.

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Fact or Fiction? The Haitain Mermaid Story

I came across this and decided to share:

A group of Haitians has found what they said is a dead mermaid. It was Najac Raymond, his wife and two cousins, who saw this creature lying on its belly in seaweed.

“We see this creature,” Raymond said. “My wife say it a mermaid. She seen many alive ones. I don’t believe this is mermaid. Mermaids are lies, but what else could it be? It has fish tail, woman head and hair. I snap photo, now everyone see.”

Raymond had to drag the dead mermaid to his village where excited villagers gathered around in awe. Many wanted to eat the human-fish believing the flesh, although decayed, would bring them good luck. Raymond protected his catch with angry yells and a machete, but finally gave in, cutting off a chunk of tail and giving it to his fellow villagers who shared the mermaid meat equally.

“Mr. Raymond demanded a price for his specimen,” Professor Donald said.

“I obviously didn’t have board approval so I gave him two dollars out of my wallet which he happily accepted.

I can’t say this is a mermaid, but it is made of organic matter. Many Haitians are convinced that mermaids live off the coasts of Haiti. Mermaid legends have been told for centuries, but I don’t think a body has every been found, until this thing.”

“This all sounds silly, of course,” Donald said. “But in my lab right now I have something that looks like a woman and a fish in one. I don’t know what else to say.”

“I hope to find more dead mermaids now that I know I can make two dollars for each one I find,” Raymond said.

“Maybe I catch one alive and get four dollars. That would be happy day for me.”

So….What do you think?

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Aunt Cuts off 3yr old Nephew’s Penis for Entering the Toilet while She was there

A 37-year-old woman in China got so angry that her three-year-old nephew walked in on her while she was using the toilet that she cut his penis off.

Xue Paan, was supposed to be looking after her sister’s son, Qiang Qiang, while his mum went to visit a neighbour nearby but when the little boy interrupted her as she was texting her boyfriend, and asked if he could play a game on her phone, the furious aunt stormed into the kitchen, picked up a knife and hacked off the boy’s penis.

The little boy’s mother Cai Tuan, 27, ran back to the house when she heard child scream only to find that he had fainted and was in a pool of his own blood.

“I had popped out to see a neighbour and was only gone 30 minutes when I heard Qiang Qiang scream. I ran back to the house and couldn’t believe what I saw. Qiang Qiang had fainted and was lying in a pool of blood. Next to him was a knife and his penis. It was simply horrific. My sister, his aunt, had gone.

His parents rushed him to a hospital where doctors were able to re-attach the appendage in an emergency procedure after 3 surgeries before heading to a specialist clinic in Beijing for further treatment.

His aunt who was later arrested, faces 5 years imprisonment for the cruel act.

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Jealous Boyfriend Murders Miss Honduras and Sister because she Danced with another Man

The killer of Sofia Trinidad, the older sister of 19 year old 2014 Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado and Maria herself have been identified. Sofia’s boyfriend turned out to be the killer of the beauty queen and her sister.

Plutarco Ruiz admitted to gunning down Sofia, 23, after flying into a rage after seeing her dance with another man at his birthday party, where the girls were last seen alive and then turned the gun on Maria because she was a witness to the murder of her sister.

Three other men have been arrested in connection with the murders. After he killed the women, he and his friends buried them near a riverbank close to where the party was held.

Sofia’s boyfriend Ruiz took the police to where he buried the bodies in the mountainous region near the border with Guatemala.

The culprit told police that they dumped the bodies in graves to speed up decomposition.

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Jilted Mother Goes after Lover, Leaving her Two Children to Burn to Death

Two children, aged four and two, lost their lives in a fire that gutted their apartment at Kabong area of Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State in Nigeria.

The kids were said to have been locked in a room by their mother, Talatu, a local beer seller in the area, who allegedly left them for an unknown destination till 2a.m. on Monday, when she returned to find her apartment burnt.

The mother of the deceased children could not be reached at press time, but a neighbour who did not want to be named, described the incident as sad.

The neighbour said: “Talatu abandoned the children in her room and went to confront her fiance, who had suddenly picked another lady to marry.

“She lit a candle before leaving. But before she returned, the candle had burnt low and lit the mattress. The children got burnt without anyone knowing.”

One of the children died in the inferno, while the other who was rushed to the hospital also gave up the ghost.

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Two Sisters Apprehended for Trying to Smuggle ‘Weed’ to their Brother in Cell

Two sisters were on Wednesday apprehended while attempting to smuggle 11 wraps of marijuana to their brother, Babatunde Oyetobi, inside the holding cell at the Ikeja High Court premises.

NAN reports that the sisters, Mrs Atinuke Adebayo, 32, and Miss Shade Oyetobi, 24, were apprehended by officers of the Nigerian Prison Services.

According to NAN, their brother, Babatunde, is facing charges of assault and armed robbery before Justice Sedoten Ogunsanya.

Speaking with newsmen, the prison official who foiled the plan, Mr A.R. Muhammad, said the two sisters had approached him that they wanted to see their brother.

According to NAN, Muhammad said Shade was holding a cellophane bag and when he queried her about its content, they told him it contained leather slippers.

He said upon his insistence that the bag should be searched, 11 wraps of marijuana and a jar of Vaseline were found inside the bag.

According to him, inmates usually insert wraps of marijuana in their anus with the aid of the Vaseline and excrete them inside the prison yard.

In tears, Shade told newsmen that one of her brother’s friends, Jamiu, called her and gave her the hard drugs to deliver to him.

The suspect, who claimed to be a hair dresser, said she knew her brother would be in court and that was why she brought the marijuana to him.

On her part, Adebayo, said she had three children and was the elder sister to Shade and Babatunde.

Adebayo said that she used to come to court to meet her brother whenever his matter was on trial.

She, however, denied knowledge of her younger sister’s ulterior motive to smuggle the drugs to Babatunde inside the cell.

NAN reports that the two were later handed over to Police officers from the Area F Police Command for further investigations and prosecution.

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