Man Charged For Allegedly Having Sex With A Dog, Then Beating It Brutally

A New York man is facing new charges after allegedly beating a dog so severely it had to be euthanized.

Dix Hills man Steven Errante, 26, was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and petit larceny back in December, according to News 12 Long Island. He now faces an additional charge of sexual misconduct.

Errante was arrested on December 22, when police said he stole a Rottweiler-Labrador mix, given the name Beauty, from a pen behind a church and beat the animal with a bat.

Prosecutors later accused Errante of having sex with the dog before beating it, and on February 18, he was indicted on a charge of sexual misconduct, according to News Day.

“I basically beat the dog with the bat,” Errante told authorities, according to court papers.

Suffolk County Police Sgt. John O’Sullivan called the beating one of “the most horrific cases of animal abuse I have ever seen.”

Police said when they arrived at the seen, Beauty was barely breathing.

The pup suffered a broken leg, facial fractures, and a fractured skull. Days after the incident, Beauty had to be euthanized.

Errante is being held on a $50,000 bail and is due back in court April 4.

At the time of the incident, O’Sullivan said Errante didn’t show “any clear remorse or sorrow” for his crime.

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Man thought to be #Dead Wakes Up In Body Bag At #Morgue

Workers at a Mississippi funeral home say they found a man alive and kicking when they opened a body bag.

Holmes County Coroner Dexter Howard calls it a miracle that 78-year-old Walter Williams is alive.

The coroner was called to Williams’ home in Lexington, a community north of Jackson, where family members believed he had died.

Howard says Williams had no pulse and was pronounced dead Wednesday at 9 p.m.

Early Thursday, workers at Porter and Sons Funeral Home were preparing to embalm Williams when he started to kick in the body bag.

Family members were called and Williams was taken to a hospital. Howard says he believes Williams’ pacemaker stopped working, then started again.

Family members say Williams, a farmer, told them he’s happy to be alive.

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Film News – Marvel’s Super Hero ‘Ant-Man’ (The Movie) Recruits ‘Watchmen’ Hero

The small-scale “Ant-Man” is increasing in size, at least where its cast is concerned. Director Edgar Wright’s cast already includes Paul Rudd as Scott Lang and Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, two different generations of heroes using the Ant-Man moniker.

But now, it appears there could be a third Ant-Man in the rotation — played by Patrick Wilson. The Wrap reports that Wilson, best known within the superhero genre for playing Nite Owl in “Watchmen,” is in negotiations to join Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man,” though details of his character are unknown. The report mentions that Marvel needs to fill out a third “charismatic leading man,” and Wilson certainly fits that bill. Could it be that Wilson is actually playing a younger version of Douglas’ character? It’s been reported that portions of “Ant-Man” take place in the 1960s, featuring a young Hank Pym in the thick of Cold War intrigue, operating on behalf of the United States. While aging-down and motion-capture could help Douglas play those parts of the movie, it’s equally possible that Marvel will want a younger, recognizable face to take on those particular “Ant-Man” scenes. Another possibility: Wilson is “Ant-Man’s” villain, or one of the villains. Details of the film’s bad guys emerged in the middle of January, stating that Ant-Man would initially battle a character named Castillo (rumored to be played by
Michael Pena, another actor mentioned in The Wrap’s report), before shifting his attention to a second, “primary villain.” Who is that villain? Who knows — but Wilson can play bad just as well as he can play good. Whoever Wilson is playing, we know the man can rock tights. Here’s hoping he gets another chance to put on a super-suit.

Keep your eyes on “Ant-Man” as more news develops. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if Wilson, Pena, or even rumored female lead Evangeline Lilly have parts to play in the superhero film, in theaters July 17, 2015. Who do you think Patrick Wilson is playing in “Ant-Man”?

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Film News – ‘The Super Hero #Flash’: Here’s Your First Look At The New Show’s #Costume

Warner Bros. is busy getting ready to film the pilot for “Arrow” spin-off “The Flash,” starring actor Grant Gustin as the titular DC Comics superhero… But other than casting news here or there, it looked like the production was only up to doing a table read of the script this week. That is, until now:
According to an official release:
The costume for The Flash was designed by three-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood, who also designed the costume for “Arrow” and whose motion picture credits include Academy Awards for her work on “Alice in Wonderland,” “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Chicago,” as well as seven additional Oscar nominations for films such as “Snow White and the Huntsman,” “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” and “Sleepy Hollow,” among others Gustin was introduced as Barry Allen, who will later become The Flash, during a two-episode arc on “Arrow” in 2013.

Allen was an assistant CSI at the fictional Central City police department investigating the murder of his mother years prior… A murder thought to be committed by his own father.

The pilot, which would ostensibly kick off a series starting this fall also features Jesse L. Martin as Detective West, a father figure to Barry; Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne, the man who will eventually become The Flash’s arch-enemy; Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, a scientist who helps Barry learn to use his powers; Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells, the man who owns the lab that accidentally causes Barry to get powers; Candice Patton as Iris West, Barry’s adoptive sister and (ew) love interest; and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, Barry’s best friend and eventual fellow superhero Vibe.

It was also announced that John Wesley Shipp, who played The Flash in the series from the ’90s will play a mysterious role in the pilot. It’s written and produced by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns; all of whom also worked on “Arrow,” which was just renewed for a third season. Stay tuned for more news on “The Flash” as it breaks.

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Teacher arrested after he was caught #MASTURBATING in front of students

A 71-year old substitute teacher,Michael Luecke, at a high school was arrested for masturbating in a stairwell while leering at students in the courtyard.

The teacher was arrested and charged with  public indecency, breach of the peace and risk of injury to a minor.

“He had a clean criminal history and he’s not on any sexual registry,” Lt. Diedrich Hohn told the Daily News.

Daily News reports:

A teaching assistant initially thought Luecke was injured when she found him on the ground about 7:33 a.m. at Westhill High School in Stamford, Conn.

But when she approached she saw that that the fly on his pants was open and he was touching his penis that was in an “aroused state,” according to police.

The female worker yelled at Luecke and alerted school officials, causing him to flee the scene and head to the classroom he was scheduled to oversee.

“The principal took immediate action and called the police,” said Sharon Beadle, public affairs officer for Stamford Public Schools.

Westhill High School in Connecticut is where Michael Luecke, 72, is accused of masturbating just before he was supposed to substitute-teach a class.

Luecke was swiftly removed from the classroom and brought to the main office where he was detained by school resource officers.

The witness’ story was corroborated by the school’s surveillance video that showed Luecke pleasuring himself while six students walk past his location.

“When we review the video we need to work with the school to identify the kids that walked by,” said Hohn.

Authorities will then determine whether the students will require counselling.

Luecke, who is being held on $25,000 bond, is scheduled for arraignment Thursday.

All Stamford Public Schools substitute teachers are required to fill out an application, submit references and fo through interviews. The district also checks a sexual predator website and conducts fingerprinting.

“All of that was done for that individual and his record was clean,” Beadle said. “He’s worked with us since 2009 and there hasn’t been another problem.”

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‘Fast & Furious 7’ To Resume Production after Paul Walker’s Death

The production engines behind “Fast & Furious 7” will be roaring once again come April, according to a new report from the Hollywood Reporter.

Studio execs have long insisted that the project will come back from its sudden hiatus after the death of star Paul Walker, but this is the first word with any specifics attached about when that might be. Production on the blockbuster action franchise skidded to a halt immediately following Walker’s November 30 death in a car accident. Unnamed sources said that cameras would roll on or around April 1 in Atlanta and continue for six to eight weeks until filming is finished.

At the time of Walker’s death, sources said that filming was at least halfway done on the film, which has an April 15 release date. Walker’s character, federal agent turned drag racer Brian O’Conner, reps at Universal have said, will not die in the movie, but will instead be “retired.” The script was reworked and additional scenes written to allow for the change in plot. “Fast & Furious 7,” directed by James Wan, is due in theaters April 15, 2015.

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The Reason #Married #Moms #Cheat

A new survey sheds light on moms who stray outside their marriages and why they choose to do so.

Victoria Milan – a European site for married people seeking affairs – surveyed 2,000 women who use their services and found that 66 percent of them are mothers.

The number one reason moms said they cheat? Thirty-five percent do it to spice things up and add excitement to their lives.

An additional 27.5 percent said they stray because their husbands are inattentive, 22.5 percent said do it because they’re unsatisfied in bed, 10 percent indicated they’re cheating for revenge, and another 5 percent step outside their marriages because they’re angry with their spouses.

However, over half of the cheating moms are not looking to give up on their marriages; 55 percent said they’re not planning to file for divorce for their kids’ sake.

“The family is a very important part of everybody’s life, so I am not surprised by this result,” said Victoria Milan founder Sigurd Vedal. “It is normal — even wise — to think twice before taking the next step and divorcing, and even more so if you are a parent.”

What do you think? Should cheating parents remain in the marriage for the kids, or is straying a sign it’s time to split?

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