SAD – Teacher Defloweres 4-Year Old Pupil

A 4-year-old girl was deflowered by a female teacher, Olajumoke Oyewole at Golden Sharon Nursery and Primary School (formerly Kingdom Sharon), located at Ijaba area of Ota, Ogun State. The incident occurred on Tuesday, November 26, 2013.

Lydia (name changed), who is a pupil of nursery, with her twin brother got home on Tuesday afternoon and started complaining of a nagging pain in her private part. But things she later revealed confounded her mother.

Mother of the girl said, “I asked her what was wrong and she said, ‘stone.’ I thought she meant that somebody stoned her and I waved off the matter that she would be alright.

“But when the pain persisted and she kept complaining, I decided to check why she was feeling pain there. That was when I discovered a wound on her private part.

“I was alarmed and I asked her who did that to her. She immediately mentioned Aunty Jummy (the accused.) I asked what the teacher did to her and she said the lady dipped her finger in her private part and brought out a stone which she used to scratch her there.

“The lady is not her class teacher. She (Oyewole) teaches another class beside my daughter’s. I did not understand this and I quickly called my daughter’s class teacher on the phone to help investigate the issue. She said I should come the following day but I decided to go that same day.

“I reported the matter to the head of the school and while we were leaving, we went past the (accused’s) class. My daughter said, ‘Mummy come, this is where she did it. She sat on that chair and put me on her lap and used the stone.’ She pointed to the teacher’s chair in the classroom. The lady was not around at the time.”

According to the woman, who was clearly confused when she spoke with the correspondent, the way her daughter was defiled was strange. She said she had to take her daughter to the family clinic to conduct a test on the little girl.

Meanwhile, she had apprised her husband who is away at work in Benin, Edo State, of the incident. He instructed her to report the matter to the police as soon as possible.
“The doctor examined her and asked me to have a look at my daughter’s private part. She explained that apart from the wound from which my daughter was bleeding, her hymen had been torn. The doctor said only a state hospital could give a report on such test since it was suspected that a crime might have been committed,” the woman said.

The police were said to have taken the little girl to a state hospital nearby, where a test was done and the same confirmation was made about the defilement of the girl.

When the police went to arrest Oyewole, she denied committing any crime and resisted arrest. But the school owner advised her to go with the police.

A member of the victim’s family, who did not want the case to be treated with levity, informed the Children’s Anti-Corruption Initiative, a non-governmental organisation, concerned with the protection of children’s future.
In company with this correspondent, CACTI visited Onipanu Police Division to find out how investigation into the matter was going.

While the divisional police officer was not available at the time, a divisional crime officer, said Oyewole had been locked up in a cell.

“The teacher is in the cell. This is a serious matter that we are still investigating. We are still working on the case. She will probably be transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department in Abeokuta soon,” the police officer said.

While in the premises of the police station, the accused’s mother, with tears on her face, approached CACTI’s group and knelt down pleading with them to let the matter be settled.
But when asked if she had asked her daughter why she carried out such act on the little girl, she said she had not asked her.

The victim’s mother was asked whether there was any possibility that her daughter might be confused as to who did such a thing to her, she said she considered it but that it had become clear that it was Oyewole.

“The night of the incident, we woke her up in the middle of the night just to be sure, we asked who did it to her, she said, ‘Aunty Jummy’. The following morning, it was the same answer.
“When we got to the hospital, the doctors threatened her with injection to say who really did it. My daughter can faint at the sight of an injection. That is what she hates most in life. But she repeated the same name.”

CACTI’s Executive Secretary, Mr. Omololu Akinwande, said there was a high possibility that the teacher had been sent to perform the act in order to use the girl’s blood for ritual purpose.

He said, “What you must note is that the girl is not in the accused teacher’s class. She is also a twin and the strange object the teacher allegedly used is suspicious.

“We cannot rule out the possibility that some wicked people had connived with the teacher to get them something from a twin. This is why this case must not be swept under the carpet.
“It is just unfortunate that many schools in Nigeria are no longer safe for children. Government needs to make it compulsory for schools to put in place CCTV cameras in order to keep children safe. When people know they are being watched, they are not likely to try something bad with children in their care.”

Akinwale insisted that rape in Nigeria had gone beyond sexual desire, adding that many now indulge in it for ritual purposes.

The phone number of the proprietor of Golden Sharon Nursery and Primary School was switched off when an attempt was made to contact her on Thursday.

The proprietor of the school was also arrested by the police on Friday.

Source: Punch Nigeria

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The Types Of Sex Women Are Having More Than Ever Before

Women may be having more types of sex than ever before — but less sex overall.

So say the findings from Britain’s third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3), conducted from 2010 to 2012. The 8869 women polled for Natsal-3 reported higher incidences of sex before age 16, same-sex encounters and anal sex than their counterparts in the first and second Natsal surveys, conducted in 1990-1991 and 1999-2001 respectively, as well as a declining frequency in sexual encounters.

Sixteen percent of British women aged 16–44 reported having sexual experience or contact with a same-sex partner, up from 10 percent in Natsal-2 and four percent in Natsal-1. A similar trend was found when it came to anal sex — 15 percent of women reported having anal sex in the past year, compared with 11 percent of respondents in Natsal-2 and 7 percent in Natsal-1.

It’s possible that some of these changes are simply the result of people feeling more comfortable revealing their sexual practices then they have been in the past, perhaps due to decreasing stigma around various sex acts or different survey techniques. But, as William Saletan at Slate put it: “Even if you attribute most of it to changes in candor or interpretation, the willingness of so many women to admit to same-sex activity represents a big cultural shift.”

While the types of sex women are having seems to be increasing, they may be having sex less frequently. In 1990, the median number of times that women reported having sex in the previous four weeks was five. This number dropped to four in 2001, and three in 2012.

One explanation for such a drop is that people are having less sex because they’re too busy. Professor Kaye Wellings of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine told The Gloss: “Work comes into our home now and there is no strict divide. People are taking laptops and iPads to bed. People are working very, very hard. They are very busy.”

Too busy for sex? That’s a sad state of affairs. But we’re glad to hear that women feel more comfortable engaging in — and talking about — sex that isn’t of the vanilla, heterosexual variety.

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Police officer arrested on suspicion of chopping up and EATING a man he met on a cannibal website

A German police worker has been charged with killing, chopping up and then eating a man he met on a cannibal website.

The suspect, known only as Detlev G, 55, is said to have been ‘obsessed’ with cannibalism and met the 59-year-old man from Hanover on a forum.

Detlev G, who worked for Saxony’s State Office of Criminal Investigation, was arrested after body parts were found at a home in Dresden on Wednesday.

The policeman suspect, known only as Detlev G, allegedly killed and ate a man he met on a cannibalism chatroom.

Authorities are now checking whether any body parts are missing or were eaten.

The case has similarities to that of Armin Meiwes, who was jailed in 2002 for meeting, killing and eating a computer programmer from Berlin whose life’s ambition was to be eaten.

Detlev G’s alleged victim was reported missing at the beginning of November.

German media reported that Detlev was previously married but divorced and then started a relationship with a man.

His former wife is also employed by the state criminal investigation office.

He met his alleged victim on a cannibalism chatroom when they arranged to meet.

Case mirrors that of Armin Meiwes who was jailed for killing, dismembering and eating Bernd Brandes

In the case of the victim, it seemed his desires mirrored those of Bernd Brandes, the computer programmer who was dismembered and eaten by Meiwes at his home near Kassel in 2001.

Police said the victim and perpetrator chatted on line, made a date and then he was killed.

According to police sources, Detlev G. admitted what he had done when police arrived at his home  to arrest him.

He took police to woodland where he had buried the corpse, it has been alleged.

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Man dragged to court for damaging bed and curtains after frantic sex

One half of a randy couple ended up in court for causing criminal damage after their bed collapsed while having sex.

Adam Disney, 28, and his unknown partner also pulled down window drapes in the bedroom during the tryst following a night out in Liverpool.

A court heard that instead of going to one of their houses, they were unable to contain their passions and let themselves into a bedsit that Disney used to rent.

Unfortunately for Disney, he was spotted hanging out of the property’s window enjoying a post-passion cigarette.

Passion: The building containing the flat where Adam Disney brought down drapes and made the bed collapse.

He admitted criminal damage. The betting shop was not thought to be involved.

Amorous: Adam Disney’s bed collapsed when he sneaked into his old flat in Wavertree High Street, Liverpool.

A court heard it was the best he and his partner could do without offending public decency
Police visited the flat in Wavertree High Street after neighbours heard ‘noises’, Liverpool magistrates heard.

They found Disney in the empty flat – his companion had already left – and first charged him with burglary until he admitted the full story.

Dan Lupton, defending, blamed ‘sexual antics’ and said: ‘This is a curious case of the morning after the night before.

‘They had been drinking and the couple were passionate in their interest to have sexual relations.

‘On this occasion they were seeking to avail themselves rather quickly.

Sexual antics: Disney, 28, was fined for criminal damage at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court, pictured
‘The closest place for them to seek refuge, in an effort to avoid offending public decency, was his former flat.’

Once indoors the couple were ‘carried away with the intensity of physical relations’, Mr Lupton added.

The woman responsible for the flat later saw Disney leaning out of the window smoking.

Disney, of Widney Lane, Solihull, admitted criminal damage to the double bed and curtain rail, but denied breaking the windowsill when he leaned on it.

Chairman of the bench Stan Golding ordered him to pay £355, split into a £100 fine, £85 costs, £150 compensation to the owner and a £20 victim surcharge.

The flat’s owner had asked for £500 and claimed the lock was damaged, but Mr Lupton described the premises as a ‘shabby bedsit’.

He said: ‘The windowsill was loose and they hadn’t done a good job of securing the curtain rail.

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Woman shoots daughter after mistaking her for abusive boyfriend

Adele Bing, a Florida woman allegedly shot her daughter, Ruby Bing to death on Monday night. She claimed that she thought the person knocking on the door was her boyfriend, James Lane whom she had just fought with.

According to eyewitnesses, they heard a gunshot and saw Bing cradling her 25 year old  daughter in her arms, crying “Baby girl, don’t die”

“How could I look my grandkids in their face and say I killed their mother?” Bing, 52, told the officers who arrested her. “Y’all can lock me away for good.”

Florida police reports that she is jailed on a charge of second degree murder in the death of her only child. She also faces a charge of child abuse without bodily harm because her daughter was holding her 4-month-old baby (Bing’s granddaughter) in her arms when the shot was fired.

The police said the suspect claimed she was still upset about a heated argument with her boyfriend, Lane earlier in the day, had a baseball bat in her left hand and a .22-caliber pistol in her right hand when she opened her door at 8:47pm on Monday.

She said it was “a f–ked up accident” because she thought it was Lane, 39, who was “banging and kicking on her front door,”

Police press release states “As she opened the door, a shot was fired, hitting her daughter in the upper chest. The 4 month-old  was not injured. Ruby Bing died at the scene”

Bing told police that she had intended to use the gun to kill her boyfriend because he stated he was going to come back and kill her. The police statement also said Lane was at a Winter Haven hospital being treated for a head injury which he suffered when the suspect hit him with a gun.

Police officers were interviewing Lane in the emergency room when the call came in about a shooting at the Bing residence. Bing is now being held in a jail in the Polk County, Florida.

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The real reason Kanye West won’t appear on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” will suprise you

Kanye West has been doing more press than ever in support of his Yeezus tour, and when he and fiancee Kim Kardashian stopped by New York radio station Hot 97 on Monday (Nov. 25), the couple didn’t hold back.

The interview touched on everything from the couple’s relationship, to West’s frustration with the fashion industry, to his very surprising explanation for why he decided not to be filmed for the Kardashians’ reality show.

“I don’t really do her show just because I don’t particularly like the way the producers shoot some of the shots. I’m very meticulous to that, right? I like to get a different [director of photography] or whatever,” he explained. “And when we got engaged, I made sure the show was there [filming] because I felt like that was something that would make her happy. Regardless of how it was shot, I felt like this is a moment she would like to have and would like to share, and just have that documented. And we could decide later or not to air it.”

With those comments in mind, it looks like those rumors about the couple’s impending nuptials possibly being televised aren’t as far-fetched as initially thought — just as long as West retains creative control over how it’s filmed.

The 36-year-old rapper, who is clearly head-over-heels in love with Kardashian, went on to talk about another admission he made during his show at Madison Square Garden on Sunday (Nov. 24), when he revealed that his 2010 song “Lost In The World,” started out as a poem that he emailed to the reality star. It proves the couple has had a very long courtship, since they didn’t officially start dating until April 2012.

Yes, West said he’s in it for the long haul, and says, “Our love story’s a love story for the ages.”

“I felt like when we first got together, it was like a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ kinda thing where it’s like she’s a reality star and I’m a rapper, and people talking about how our brands connect and what doesn’t fit and I’m just so tired of the conversation of brands,” he told Hot 97’s radio host Angie Martinez.

While West is smitten by the lady he sees as “the most beautiful woman of all time,” or “arguably human existence,” it’s apparent that the relationship has changed Kardashian as well. When Martinez noted that it seems like Kardashian has “muted a little bit” since getting together with West, the rapper was quick to bring up the time Kardashian blasted Katie Couric on Instagram for being a “fake media friend.”

“Katie Couric sent us a baby gift for our daughter. It was really sweet and I loved it. And then she went and did an interview and said, ‘Oh, I don’t know why the Kardashians are famous.’ Like dissing us,” Kim explained, adding that she found Couric’s note with the baby gift and took a photo of it, before asking West if he thought she should put it on Instagram and “blast her for fake being nice.”

Not surprisingly, West was all for it, he “just wanted to make the card symmetrical in the Instagram picture. I hate asymmetry, I want it … but it was her idea,” he chimed in.

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BATTLE OF THE SUPREMACY! Genevieve Nnaji & Omotola Jalade Still AT WAR?

The battle of supremacy between top actresses Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde dragged for many years, before they played alongside each other in the award winning movie, Ije, a development that made people to conclude that both parties have let the sleeping dog lie. It was believed that the two movie stars have become friends when the National President of Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Ibinabo Fiberesima stepped into all the grievances between the actresses shortly after her inauguration.

However, investigations show that the beautiful Nollywood actresses are still not friends.

Recall that Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde was named Most Influential Nigerian by Time Magazine early this year. As it could be, Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN), the guild where the actress has remained loyal to for many years decided to celebrate and honour her.

Guess what? Genevieve Nnaji was not only absent from the event but also close friends disclosed that she was angry for the accolades showered on Omotola. Sources say the Imo born screen diva is still angry with the organisers of the event till today.

Again, the talented actress, Ms. Genevieve was among the lucky Nollywood practitioners who were honored on Wednesday November 27, 2013 at Grand Awards of Nollywood @20, a situation that has been questioned by many people from Omotola’s camp. According to them, Genevieve is not supposed to be honored for her contributions in movie industry without Omotola’s name appearing on the same list. “Omotola’s name was omitted.” They say.

Simply because Omotola’s name was not in the list, she was nowhere near the venue of this grand event, as an invitation must have been sent to her weeks before yesterday.
There are strong speculations that Omotola’s name was intentionally omitted from the event to bring Genevieve Nnaji back.

“The two ladies are putting guild heads into serious problems, because if you are honoring one of them, the other will want same or there will be issues. Most times, you cannot carry two of them along at the same time. Omotola was named Times Magazine’s Most Influential Nigerian not Genevieve and AGN did the right thing by honoring her. So, was the idea anyway close to telling the AGN head not to honor such positive development? They should help others to help themselves,” a source who begged anonymity said.

Please, let us beg them to come down from their high horses and do the right thing.

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