Emotional Khloe Kardashian Wishes She Was ‘Still Married’ To Lamar Odom

But what does French think about this?

Khloe Kardashian may be in an on-again, off-again relationship with French Montana, but the rapper may have reason to worry because KoKo might not be over her ex, Lamar Odom.

Fans have watched Khloe struggle with her separation from the former NBA player on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and despite Odom’s infidelity, rumored drug use and supposed refusal to sign divorce papers, the reality star admits if she had her way she would still be married.

On an upcoming episode of “Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons,” Khloe vents her frustration to her mom, Kris Jenner, who thinks she’s moving on too quickly from Lamar to French.

“I know that the relationship that you thought you had didn’t work out and it sucks,” Kris says to Khloe in a preview of Sunday night’s episode. “It makes me cry every time I think about it, but you met somebody new and you moved from one thing to another so quickly — I’m just trying to be here to support you.”

Khloe responds by defending her new relationship with French, who she seems to have recently reunited with in after a brief breakup. The pair even celebrated French’s birthday together this month.

“Don’t say I moved to something so quickly because you know for how many f–king years I was dealing with something,” Khloe says. “Don’t you dare say how fast I moved on to something so quickly. You’re so simple-minded; you don’t know how I feel every day. If I had my way I would still be married to Lamar.”

She continued, “Even right now today I wish I was still married to him.”

Khloe filed for divorce from Lamar last December, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple were married in 2009.

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Wife Caught in the Act of Cheating After Husband Pretended To Be Away On A Business Trip

Have you ever watched the TV show named cheaters where couples get to find out by paying huge amount of money to a private investigator to trail their suspected partner a.k.a cheater in the relationship or marriage?

Mr Amos who had suspected that his wife was cheating decided to be the private investigator by staging a fake business trip.

The woman of Zimbabwe, appeared before judge Tendai Mahwe on Friday, to answer charges of attempted murder after she allegedly burned her husband with hot tea.

The incident occurred during a domestic dispute when the husband caught his wife in a compromising position with another man.
The alleged victim of 1419 Chigutsa Street, Dzivarasekwa 3, was admitted to a hospital with burn wounds.

Prosecutor Sharon Mashavira said that Privilege Amos, poured the hot water over her husband when he confronted her over cheating.

Mr. Amos was alerted about his wife’s cheating by neighbors, who witnessed a strange man coming into his home when he was out of town.

Mr. Amos allegedly pretended to have gone out of town, but then came home at night and caught his wife with her lover in their bed.

Privilege Amos then rushed to the kitchen, grabbed hot tea and poured it over her husband. A police report was made leading to her arrest.

Mrs. Amos was remanded into custody, and so far, no bail has been set for her.

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Husband and Wife Fall in Love with the same Man, Invite Him Home to have Sex

A husband and wife decided to invite a man into their relationship after both fell head over heels for him.

Erik Fridland, 35, of Sweden, was married to his wife Linda, 34. They have nine-year-old twin boys and a thirteen-year-old son.

However, one day, Erik, who works as a taxi driver in Stroemsund, confessed to his wife that he fell in love with his colleague.

Linda decided to meet the man, who her husband loves. The man, Hampus Engstrom, agreed to meet the couple for dinner.

However, curiosity soon became lust and Engstrom, 29, confessed that he was attracted to both Linda and Erik.

Linda said that the feelings are mutual. Soon, the three began having a threesome and are now living together as a family.

“I do not think it is impossible to love more than one person at a time,” Engstrom said.

Now, they all live in the same house with the twin boys, the teenage son and Engstrom’s five year-old daughter.

The all sleep in the same bed and they all have sex together.

The couple said that it is not all about sex, and that they do all the mundane things together as well. The couple hopes that they will one day be able to legally marry their third partner.

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5 Reasons You Must Never Marry a Woman Until You Have Travelled with Her

Sure, you love her. But can you spend significant periods of time together in either tight or simply unknown places? Can you stand each other when you’re at your worst?

The problem with most marriages is that they happen too soon. It’s not that the individuals haven’t known or dated each other for long enough, it’s that they don’t know each other well enough.

Unless you’ve traveled with someone, you only know half of that person — the half that exists in a place that she knows very well and is comfortable in.

Not until you travel with a person for a significant amount of time do you get to see a glimpse of that other half, that more selfish and uncomfortable half. Before you get married, take a pre-wedding honeymoon for a month or two.

1. Traveling often brings out the best in people — and the worst.

I’m not sure whether it’s because we find ourselves a bit off guard, if our egos take over and we choose to focus more on ourselves and less on our partner, or if we simply get overly excited with all the novelty, but all the extra sensitivity that traveling allows for can both be a gift and a burden.

Things that seemed less of a problem back home — problems that you maybe thought were resolved — can pop back up and get blown entirely out of proportion. At the same time, however, traveling with the person we love can remind us how much we love her.

If you have issues within your relationship, then traveling may very well force you to face them. If you’re planning on marrying her, then it’s better to start with a clean slate.

2. If you’re going to marry her, then you should be comfortable leaving your comfort zone with her.

Sure, she’s probably a bit uncomfortable. Yes, you’re also uncomfortable. Even if you can afford to travel luxuriously, you’re still stepping outside of your comfort zones. You know fewer people. You’re not quite as familiar with the food or the culture. You’re going to have to think and act differently than either of you normally would.

This is what makes life so wonderful — getting chances to widen that comfort zone. This is what spending your life with another person is for; if you can’t do it together now, then you won’t be capable of doing it together later.

3. Traveling allows you to get to know each other much better.

You may be thinking that you already know your partner as well as you ever could. If that’s the case, then I have to warn you that your marriage isn’t likely to last. Not because she has no more of herself to introduce you to, but because you already find her boring and aren’t bothering to explore her.

Traveling allows for partners to remove themselves from their regular routines and focus on just each other. If you travel for a month or two and come back happier than before, then at least you know you can handle the good times together — not all couples can even do that much.

4. You learn exactly how she reacts under pressure.

When she realizes she forgot to pack enough socks, when she loses her makeup bag, when the flight gets delayed four hours and you’re stuck together on a plane with no AC, let’s see how she manages. Some girls keep calm and cool, and manage to deal with the discomfort.

Others, on the other hand, will complain until your ears bleed — as if nagging and whining will change the reality of the situation. Now, imagine how things will be once you’re married.

5. Traveling shows you how independent she can be.

Traveling is the best way to figure out if she’s her own person. Some guys seem to like needy, codependent girls who can’t fend for themselves. And some girls seem to love being that type.

I’m going to assume that most of you guys aren’t insane and would prefer a woman who is capable and strong and can take care of you sometimes too.

If you love your girl, then you may already have a good understanding of her strength. Nevertheless, could you think of anything sexier than your woman leading you around unknown cities, forests and jungles? If you plan on leading a very active lifestyle, then you’re going to need a partner who can keep up.

Of course, ladies, the same goes for any potential marriage prospects for you. Don’t marry him until you’ve traveled with him either!

– Paul Hudson/EliteDaily

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Man Refuses To Bury Wife, Keeps Corpse In His Sitting Room

Harem Deeb was heartbroken when his wife died recently, instead of getting her buried, he decided to keep her inside a special glass casing that eliminates the decomposition of a dead body and also locks out unwanted odor.

Lucy’s last words to Harem were, “We will meet again in heaven.” This had inspired him to do keep her in his sitting room.
“I could no longer take the pain that my wife’s death has caused me, so I brought her back home,” Harem said.

“I called the cemetery caretaker and explained my feelings. I spoke with the authorities and got special license for her. I rather have her at home than seven, however many feet it is, underground. Lucy had a great sense of humor and I’m sure she would appreciate being my coffee table.”

“It cost me about $26,000.00, but it was worth it.”

People have stopped visiting him.

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Woman Snatches Her Daughter’s Husband, Gets Married To Him

This is the height of immorality and taboo in the village of Gokwe in Zimbabwe where a woman has shocked everyone, when she was alleged to have unashamedly seduced her son in law and married him.

Her daughter has three kids for her husband after six years, that was when Kasirori made up her mind that she was moving in as a wife to her son-in-law, Gamanya.

But a family member said that Gamanya had divorced his wife before paying bride price for his mother-in-law to become his wife.

“Kasirori has always been a person of questionable etiquette. Her daughter has always been fighting with her husband and she would chip in to restore sanity, here and there.
The chief of the village said:

“I can confirm that the matter was before my court and it happened about two weeks ago. What happened is uncalled for. It goes against our norms and beliefs and I’ve since ordered Gamanya to pay one beast and six goats for undermining tradition and his wife. I’ve also ordered Kasirori and her family to pay four beasts for taking her son-in-law as husband,” said Chief Nemangwe.

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Why I’m Not Yet Married to My Baby Mama — Terry G

Terry G is one of the Nigerian stars who have Baby Mama’s …He and his UK based fiance Mimi Omoregbe welcomed their son in Nov 2012..Two years later, he opened up to Vanguard on his fears regarding marriage and why he is not ready to settle down now.

She’s my fiancée; we are getting married one day but I don’t want everybody pushing us to settle down as if they own our lives. One thing many of them have not realised is that marriage is a decision we have to make once in life. I don’t want to make a decision now and change my mind later or else everybody looking up to me as a role-model will see me as an irresponsible guy. Besides, I don’t want to make a rash decision that I’d regret for the rest of my life. That is why I have been taking my time, putting things that make marriage worthwhile together and at the end, when that fruitfulness is everywhere we can live our lives together forever. I thank God I have a good and understanding partner and we are working together.

On What he understands about marriage

I don’t know anything about marriage, because I have never been into it, but I believe marriage is when two opposite sexes are living together as couple. Technically, I’m married because my fiancée lives with me and my son.

I live like a married man, though without any ring or court pronouncement.

Everybody asks me about marriage but hardly talks about divorce. Let’s not go into that aspect so we don’t hurt the victims of that circumstance and if I can say it here, I don’t want to rush into marriage so I won’t become a victim of the circumstance called divorce.

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