Popular Nollywood Actor Denies Getting HIV/AIDS From Women, Says Its Is Ulcer

Nollywood actor Taiwo Hassan who we called Ogogo lost so much weight to a mystery illness that he now called chronic ulcer, and it was alleged that he had gotten HIV/AIDS. He denies the rumour.

He said “When I was sick, I had started work on my house. I refused to sell the property. It’s that same house I am living in today. And I thank God, if they say it’s a very powerful politician that owns it, you won’t argue.

“. A lot of rumours were filtering around then, some said it was cocaine that I was unable to excrete that burst inside my stomach and destroyed my intestines. Some even said I contacted HIV/AIDS and much more which they later found out that up till now, I am still alive, kicking and bouncing.

“I had chronic ulcer. You can imagine what will happen to a person that couldn’t eat anything apart from pap for seven months. I was so lean. Maybe, that was what actually fuelled the speculation that I hadHIV/AIDS.

“ If I ate any other thing then, even if it’s a teaspoon of rice, I would vomit everything. I would even vomit blood. I pray that won’t be your portion, and that of everybody that loves you as well. I also pray that till I finish my assignment on earth, I won’t experience such again. It’s an experience I don’t like to continue talking about.

Source: Talk of Naija
by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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