5 Things That Men Want From Women but May be Afraid to Ask!  

1. Don’t just lie there, say something.

It would really be nice if you said something during sex. Scream if you have to but moaning or just talking is just fine. What matters to men, is to know that we are making our woman feel good. Remember that, other than enjoying his own sexual pleasure, a man prides himself in knowing that he is able to sexually satisfy his woman.

2. Initiate sex, sometimes

You have no idea how much men want you to initiate sex and, by that, we mean doing it in earnest not just hinting at sex. Men want you to do as they do – touch, touch some more, caress, kiss and go all the way.

The thing about this is that when you initiate sex, you make them feel wanted and that adds a lot of currency to their self-confidence.

3. Be sexy – for him

Some men would be very pleased if their woman did a skrip tease for them with pole and all. Others would prefer a catwalk or a lap dance. The thing is that all men feel great when their woman does something sexy for them – puts on a sexy dress at home, or indeed, lingerie.

4.He is afraid to ask you to lose weight

It is not like he wants you to look like you are 25, again, but it is just that he has noticed that as your belly continues to bulge, you have stopped asking whether you look fat or not. Not that he is going to be truthful if you asked but, at least, he would know that it bothers you, too.

5. Special bedroom services

Once in a while, for no reason at all, we would like for you to give us a quickie.
Like, just come over, lock the doors, grab the remote control, pull up your dress, straddle us, unzip our trousers, take us inside you and proceed to do us until we come. Then, plant one, big kiss on our mouth, get off and proceed to the kitchen to continue with your mopping.

Source: The Things You Missed
by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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