8 Reasons you Might be Attracting Mr. Wrong

Do you keep on attracting the wrong type of guys, guys who can’t be loyal, little boys who are not ready yet for a proper relationship? Or is it guys who can’t be trusted and you end up getting hurt, over and over again? If this is you, then the first thing to remember is that you are not destined to be with the wrong kind of guy forever. There is a Mr Right out there, somewhere, for everybody. All you’ve got to do is to find him, so read these eight reasons why you may not have found the right kind of guy for you, yet:

1. Do you know what it is you are looking for?

Knowing what you are looking for is always a good place to start. It’s worth giving some thought to what you actually want in a man and what would be an absolute deal breaker. You can’t expect a perfect ten out of ten, but you should have a list of the essential qualities that you are looking for. Remember, too, that just because a man is physically attractive doesn’t guarantee that he will make a good partner, there’s a lot more to a person, than just that.

2. It may take time, so don’t settle for second best

All the time you are with Mr Wrong, Mr Right could be passing you by. There is nothing wrong with being single for a while, so don’t jump at the first man that shows an interest in you, be patient and wait until a man that meets your criteria turns up.

3. Are you looking in the wrong places?

If you’ve had a string of bad experiences, then maybe it’s time to start looking in different places for the man of your dreams. Take a look at your list of desirable qualities in a man and think about where a man like that is most likely to hang out.

4. Are you sending the right signals?

The way that you look, dress and behave can have a lot to do with the type of men that you attract. This is something that can be easily changed, but first impressions count for a lot, so have a think. Are you dressing in a way that will attract the same type of guys that you have dated before, or would a change in appearance attract a new type of man?

5. Go outside of your comfort zone

Don’t be afraid to try dating a type of guy that you have never thought of as a potential partner before. You’ve already kind of decided that what you thought was your type are not there, so experiment a little, you‘ve got nothing to lose by trying something different.

6. Are you addicted to the bad boys?

There is a definite attraction, for some girls, to the guys who like to live on the edge, but these are not often the guys that want to settle down. Bad boys can be fun, but could it be time for you to try the middle of the road man instead?

7. Believe in yourself

If you’ve experienced a few bad relationships, then you might be thinking that it’s your entire fault, but it’s not. Self-confidence is a very attractive thing in a woman, so stand tall and remember that you are special! You can afford to be picky, when choosing a man to date.

8. Don’t rush into things

Good things come to those who wait! Could it be that you are so keen to find Mr Right that you are rushing things? Make sure that you give yourself time, before you commit to a man or jump into bed with him, and find out if he’s really right for you before you do.

– BeautyamdTips

By Sister Bimbo
Source: RADAR NG
FROM Da SOURCE by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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