Keyshia Cole Sued for $1 Million by Woman She Allegedly Attacked Birdman’s Condo

Keyshia Cole may have avoided jail time in exchange for anger management, but that isn’t keeping Sabrina Mercadel from coming for her pockets.

Keyshia is being sued by Ms. Mercadel for $1 million as a result of Keyshia’s alleged attack on her earlier this year.
via TMZ:

According to the police report, Keyshia went crazy, scratching her face, beating her and screaming, “Who the f*** are you?  What are you doin’ with my man?”

The lawsuit states … Keyshia insinuated Sabrina was a hooker, saying, “You can get your money later,” then slapping her on the butt.
Sabrina’s lawyer repeatedly protests that his client was NOT in a romantic relationship with Birdman … the attorney calls the relationship “plutonic.”

The lawyer is in the law firm founded by the late, great Johnny Cochran. 
The lawsuit was  filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and Marcadel alleges battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and premises liability.

Source: Billion Bill Blog
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