We Do Evil Music Because It Brings in Millions — Terry G

Nigerian Dancehall singer, Terry G has revealed that the reason for lewd lyrics in most songs that pervade the airwaves today is because millions are made from them.

While responding to questions about the current trend of lewd music in the entertainment industry, the father of one said “You see, today’s music is evil. We call it commercial music. This is the music that brings the millions. People are still doing good music here but there is no buzz. It is the commercial music which some people term ‘bad’ music that is getting us the millions.

It is all about the business of music and the ‘glam’ that accompanies it. I said before that I was doing good music before, but the buzz was not there. So, I researched what the need is and experimented with songs like ‘Make I Nak You Apako’ and others. It is not easy doing music; recording a song is a piece of creativity and you just do it from your heart and await the feedback from listeners”.

Terry G is popular for his madness and equally crazy lyrics.

FROM Da SOURCE by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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