Woman Forced to Lure Out Her Own Rapist After Police Fails to Arrest Him

The Independent Police Investigative directorate (IPID) must investigate why police failed to arrest a known rapist despite the victim tracking him down, said Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Denise Robinson on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, a number of publications reported a 40-year-old teacher was forced to track down her attacker herself after police failed to apprehend him.

The initial attack took place in 2009. She was attacked by Makethe Abraham Nkwanyane in Pongola, northern KwaZulu-Natal South Africa.

She was held at gunpoint and raped nine times over three hours in a sugar cane plantation.

The woman found her attacker when his wife contacted her after finding her phone with her husband’s belongings. At the time, police said it was too late in the day to fetch her cellphone and arrest Nkwanyane.

Nkwanyane then began to contact her and threatened to kill her if she told the police. She pretended to want a relationship with him to lure him out. She told police of her plans but they said they could not accompany her to meet him.

In another attempt to have him arrested the victim went to meet Nkwanyane but police did not show up to arrest him. She then had to have sex with Nkwanyane to keep up the pretence of the relationship. Police still failed to apprehend Nkwanyane following this incident despite being given his address.

“The 40-year-old teacher gave the police the information they needed to arrest her rapist in the form of directions to his house and his address. The victim even arranged for a meeting with the police and her attacker, at which point she was subjected to yet another assault because the police did not show up,” said Robinson.

“Under no circumstances should a victim of crime ever have to track down the perpetrator.”

“Not only did the police fail to protect her from the second assault but they also failed to serve her by arresting her attacker when she had given them the required information to do so,” she added.

Nkwanyane was arrested after others intervened on the victim’s behalf. He was sentenced to life imprisonment after appealing a 15-year sentence.

By Jamie-Leigh Matroos
Source: S.A Breaking News
FROM Da SOURCE by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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