Yeah, Sons Of Anarchy has Finished Shooting the Finale Episode which Concludes the TV Series, and its Airing December 9th 2014

As much as we hate to admit it, we’re only weeks away from the December 9 series finale of “Sons of Anarchy.” But as hard as this reality is for the show’s fans, it has to be even tougher for the show’s dedicated cast and crew — and the emotional, behind-the-scenes tweets and set pics from the series finale, which wrapped on October 30, prove that even big bad bikers chop onions sometimes.

Creator Kurt Sutter announced that the show had officially wrapped late on Thursday night.

That’s a wrap. Thank you. #soa #finalride — kurt sutter

He returned to set Wednesday, after having his appendix removed earlier that week.

Tig wrapped a day earlier, and posted a “shirtless selfie” on his final day.

No clothes no tears no cryin no fears.. Final selfie final day final ride come what may.. Bye kids bye TIG.. For Ever

Hey, at least we know he makes it to the bitter end?

Meanwhile, Chibs spent the week tormenting fans re: whether or not he would make it.

Thinking about my lines this afternoon…or was that last week?
— Tommy Flanagan

Happy, on the other hand, let his sensitive side come out.

Last day on the set. My heart is filled with happiness to have taken this ride. And it is breaking as it ends. Thank you all. Love you All.
— David Labrava

Juice seemed to be in a great mood… as usual.

And while Jax doesn’t use social media, a lucky local fan witnessed his final goodbye…

Just got home from Charming, Charlie yelled SAMCRO!! As he drove away in his car, cool moment — Meg

Well, Let’s all watch out for how this season finale all plays out; we are watching.

By Shaunna Murphy
Source: MTV News
FROM Da SOURCE by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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