7 Reasons Why Some Nigerian Ladies Will End Their Life Single

Being single probably is one of the top problems among Nigerian girls. But only some of them understand that the problem can be not only in men. They also can change something about their selves, if they don’t want to end up alone in a company of cuddly cats.

So here are some typical reasons you can easily give up, to reduce chances of being alone:

1. Celebrity gossips

For God’s sake, stop following fake celebrity gossips and watching reality shows as crazy. These things are fake in almost every case, and, as well as developing your stupidity, they may also form unnatural life priorities.

2. Doing charges

Even if you are a self-confident and independent Nigerian lady, don’t forget about learning to cook and doing home chores. Gender equality is a good thing, but it is not a reason to turn your house into a mess. And don’t forget that Nigerian men love good cooking! 

3. Less makeup

Too much makeup is not doing good for you. The truth is that lots of men are indifferent to makeup. Many of them even don’t like it at all. So it is better to forget about high school and to look more natural.

4. Don’t give your number to any guy you can

Any man would disgrace if your phone rings often and you will be laughing and chatting with other guys. You may not be a playgirl, but a guy can think that you are.

5. Wrong presentation

Some Nigerian girls try to dress attractive, but it turns out that they are ridiculous. Your dressing style determines kinds of men who are attracted to you. Remember, not all clothes that look sexy are good for a seriously searching for a soul mate single lady. 

6. Bad manners

When you want to look “attractive” or “hot” for a man, don’t think it can turn into something serious. Your wisdom, inner beauty and good manners are factors which make man stay with your, keep faithful and have long-term relations. If you rely only on your good appearance, don’t be surprised if a guy runs away after accomplishing his “evil” mission.

7. Too much advice from friends and relatives

Of course, family values a lot in Nigeria, but remember that it is you who are going to live with this person, NOT your friend or relative. Let them have their own life and you will enjoy yours!

Do you agree with these?

Source: Talk of Naija
FROM Da SOURCE by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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