I am Going to take on More Daring Roles now – Uche Ogbodo

Not most women would walk out of a marriage, waiting for a reception committee with a red carpet to applaud her and even give a medal. But then most women are not like Uche Ogbodo, fiesty Nollywood actress who walks mostly in the path of controversy and most often than not, comes off it like a rubber ball bouncing off the wall.

She is a toughie, never at the mercy of life or circumstances. When her marriage didn’t live up to her expectation, she walked off, not minding the fact that the marriage was not even up to a year. “The marriage didn’t work out. My marriage was based on lies” she declared brusquely.

After the marriage crash and a baby to look after Uche is set for another life, which according to her, is definitely going to be better than living with lies and under the shackles of marriage.

She has everything all figured out and the first thing that counts now is her acting career.

“Of course, I’m going to take on more daring roles, that’s my career and I’m only going to keep improving myself. As an actress, there’s nothing that I cannot do. There’s nothing I can’t do in a movie, once it’s a movie. I can even take up a lesbian role. But in real life I’m not a lesbian, don’t get it twisted. That’s why I’m an actress, its make-believe, it’s not who I am. I’m only going to do my career the way I’m supposed to do it and it puts food on my table so you don’t feed me, you don’t judge me, that’s it” she told Potpourri in a chat.

Concerning her music career:
“I haven’t come around to releasing a single but I have it at the back of my mind, really. I’ve done some previously, but I didn’t release any one. I’ve done about six tracks produced by Phyno some years ago” she said.

By George Kaduna 

Source: Radar NG
FROM Da SOURCE by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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