Woman Shoots Dead Mother of 2 Inorder To Steal Her Children

A woman has been accused of shooting dead a mum-of-two in order to claim her kids as her own. 

Catherine Goins, 37, is accused of murdering Natalia Roberts, 30, after luring her from her home in Georgia. Goins, of Hixson, Tennessee, called police last Friday claiming she had shot an intruder inside her ex-boyfriend’s home.

But investigators found her story was a lie concocted to cover up a disturbing abduction plan, Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk said.

Cops say Goins met Roberts, a mother of two, last Friday morning and lured her to a home in La Fayette claiming she had some baby clothes for her.
When Roberts showed up between 11am and 1pm, she allegedly shot her in the back of the head from a .380 calibre handgun as they were walking down a flight of stairs.

Before fleeing the crime scene with
the victim’s two young children in tow, Goins allegedly tried to clean up the home and called her ex-boyfriend,
Tony Richards, telling him she had
shot someone inside his residence.

“We’re calling it murder because that’s what it is,” Sheriff Sisks said. “She flat-out murdered her.”

Source: Agbo’s Blog
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