Jealous BF Strangle His 16yR Old Pregnat GF To Death (Photos)

18 year old jealous boy identified as Aston Robinson strangled his 16-year-old pregnant girlfriend to death with her scarf because he wanted her to be quiet during a row, a court heard.

The 18-year-old stands accused of murdering schoolgirl Kayleigh-Anne Palmer after she was found unconscious and not breathing in Robinson’s home in Whaddon.
Bristol Crown Court heard Robinson sent text messages to Kay saying he did not want to be on their unborn daughter’s birth certificate the night before he strangled her with her red tartan scarf.

After the teenager lost her three-day fight for her life, he wrote letters to her mum, Helen Bage, from prison saying he never intended to kill her and she was away from his accusations and controlling behaviour.

The jury on the opening day of the trial heard after strangling Kay, Robinson fled his home on his brother’s BMX bike and headed to a bookies on Whaddon Road to see if he had won a £20 bet, before handing himself into the police hours later.
Prosecutor Christopher Quinlan QC said: “Kayleigh-Anne Palmer, 16 years of age, was the girlfriend of this defendant who stands in the dock.

“She left home at about 9.15am on April 2. She didn’t go to school, but instead met with this defendant and they went together to his home.
“She was wearing her school uniform and despite it being a warm spring day, a scarf.

“Later that morning this defendant strangled her. He used the scarf, he pulled it tightly, sufficient to inflict injuries from which she never recovered.

“That was not the only life he destroyed. She was almost 24-weeks-pregnant when he strangled her. He caused the death of the unborn child, a girl she was carrying.

“He was interviewed and during that he admitted he strangled Kay. He said he used her own scarf and did it because he was jealous and wanted her to be quiet.

“He said he did not intend to kill her or harm the unborn child.
“Days after the charge he wrote a letter to her mother. He said ‘God took her away in peace, away from my accusations and my controlling behaviour’.

“But God didn’t. This jealous and controlling young man murdered her. By that senseless violence he destroyed the life of their unborn child.”

The court heard Robinson’s sister Michaela had found Kay lying face down on the floor next to the sofa.
Paramedics managed to start Kay’s heart and she was kept in intensive care on a ventilator at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

But the following day, they were unable to detect a heartbeat of her unborn child and she had to be induced into labour. She was from Bishop’s Cleeve.

Kay died at the hospital on April 5 of brain injuries caused by a lack of oxygen following the strangulation. She had some 20 other injuries on her body.

Mr Quinlan told the jury Ms Bage, who Kay lived with in Hewlett Road, told police the pair had been together for around a year. She had kissed her daughter on the cheek and told her she loved her the morning of the attack.

He added: “She doesn’t paint her daughter as perfect and she doesn’t paint the man who killed her daughter as some sort of monster.”

He said Robinson went to baby scans and at first she thought he was decent and polite young man.

But the court heard the day before Kay was found unconscious and not breathing at Robinson’s home he had text her saying ‘make sure my name isn’t on your kid’s birth certificate’ .
He had also messaged Ms Bage on Facebook saying ‘make sure you tell Kay I’m not having nothing to do with her and the baby’.

But the prosecutor said the violence on April 2 was not the first incident. The court heard she had reported an incident to police on October 27 when she told Robinson she had missed her period and could be pregnant.
He told the jury Kay told officers he had pushed her to the ground saying ‘this will stop you having the baby’ and kicked her in the stomach, but she did not want to make a formal complaint.
He said on October 31 there was another call to police where she said he hit her, smashed her phone and kicked her in the stomach

Neighbours of Whaddon recreational ground had called the police on November 28, last year when they heard Kay begging for her phone and saying she was bleeding and she was admitted to A&E on January 11, this year with a bleeding nose after being punched by an attacker, who she later confided to her mum was Robinson.
Mr Quinlan said in police interview Robinson said he had a “paranoia when it came to Kay” and got jealous when he thought she may be talking or seeing other boys.

“He seemed centred on the belief she was lying or might have been lying to him,” he added.

Robinson denies murdering Kay on April 5 and a further charge of destruction of her unborn daughter, who was capable of being born alive, on April 3.

The trial continues.

Source: AGBO’s BLOG
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