Corpse Wakes Up In Mortuary Body Bag-Brother Flees

The doctors have declared Valdelucio Goncalves, dead after he had suffered “respiratory and multiple organ failure”

His grieving brother couldn’t believe it when the body of Valdelucio started shaking and wiggling a zipped-up body bag in a mortuary.

The family was already waiting for his funeral all dressed when this incident happened and everything changed 

The brother of Valdelucio said : “We had already made all the arrangements for my brother’s funeral.

“All I needed to do was put some new clothes on him, so he’d be ready for the undertaker to come and collect him.

“Workers at the morgue let me in, and showed me where he was lying, in a zipped-up body bag.

“But as I got closer I could see it wriggling. Then he saw it raising and falling as if he was breathing.

“I went crazy and shouted for the medical team, the nurse, so they could see what was happening. They checked him and confirmed that he was still alive.”

His niece Patricia Cintra said: “We were worried about him and thought he’d be better off in hospital, that they’d take better care of him that we could at home.

“It was a shock to all of us when they called to tell us he’d passed away. But we started making the funeral arrangements.

“By Sunday morning everything was sorted. We’d paid for his death notice in a newspaper, bought the coffin and booked his funeral.

“His feet had already been tied together and his nose and ears stuffed with cotton wool.”

Source: Talk of Naija
FROM Da SOURCE by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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