Things about your Man that you should Never share with your Girlfriends

Women love to have their “girls out hook ups” and “girls catch up sessions”. They switchtopics from family, career, their partners, weather and all sorts of things.

However, there is some information that you should not share about your man whether he is your boyfriend or your husband.

Here are some of things about your man that you should never share with your girlfriends.

1.He is seeing a therapist.

Men are very secretive when it comes to their health issues. However, women on the other hand can talk about everything that is stressing them. They do this get views from their friends.

What you don’t like about him.

There must be things that you don’t like about him but you have no right of telling your pals. This is one of the things about your man that you should never share with your girlfriends. It is fair to tell him first before spreading it to the public.

2. His career struggles.

Men like to be independent when it comes to career. There is no point in trying to hook him up with a job or try to do some connections for him unless he has asked you to help him.

3. How disorganized his home is.

Most men are poor when it comes to household chores. Your duty is to complement him and cover up such weaknesses instead of announcing to everyone. This is among the things about your man that you should never share with your girlfriends.

4. His views regarding your friends or family

This is very tempting especially if your man has a negative view regarding your family or friends . Your man tells you this because he fully trusts you and he believes that his secret is safe with you. Do not disclose it no matter what.

5. His worries and fears

Sharing this information about your man makes your friends see him as not a man enough. Ladies, this is another thing about your man that you should never share with your girlfriends.

6. His performance in bed

You wouldn’t like to hear your man sharing this information about you. So why should you share about him with your girlfriends? Whether he is a tiger in bed or not, keep that information to yourself.

7. His past relationships

Everybody has a past and we all make mistakes. You should accept him with his past just the way he is. You can decide not to date him but once you have agreed to be an item, you shouldn’t go about announcing to everyone about his past.

8. How untamable he was before you met him.

Even if your man was the kind of a man who would sleep with a different woman every day, do not brag about it to your friends. They might see him as a person with loose morals and disrespect him.

Source: NaiPost
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