Sex and Love: Don’t Confuse the Two in your Relationship!!!

Sex and Love are two different things yet both are as important in keeping the relationship alive and going. However, many people mix up these things, which at times lead to disaster. Consider it crazy, but if you learn to differentiate between sex and love, you will automatically lead a better love life. This article is all about how learning the difference between sex and love can change your sex life. But, before we actually learn the how it can affect our love life; let’s take about love and sex as two separate things first.

What is Love?

Love is an emotion. It is a beautiful feeling that just comes naturally from inside when you are attracted to someone. Someone does not forcefully give it to you and you are not seduced into loving someone. It is spontaneous and you might fall in love at the most unexpected of times. You can’t control this.

What is Sex?

sex is something that requires the mating of two bodies. It is a form of love but it is not love itself. People have sex for many reasons such as for releasing your tensions or just for pleasure. Having sex doesn’t mean that you are actually in love. Many people have sex, there are one-night stands, and there is even paid sex but that doesn’t mean that you are going to live some fairytale happy ending with the one you’re having sex with. However, you have all rights to who get your body. You can control your urge to sex.

You need to understand that love and sex are two different things. They maybe inter-related to having a better relationship but love is the foremost element that is required for the liveliness of the relationship.

How it can affect your Love Life?

Once you understand the fact that sex and love are two different things, you will automatically lead a better love life. Love should be unconditional and it should be given to the person who deserves it. You don’t have to have sex all the time to make sure your man is happy, show him affection through everything, by supporting him, by caring for him but surprising him. Of course, have sex but know that sex without love is like havinga relationship without trust.

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