Agree or Not: 5 Reasons Why Curvy Is Better Than Skinny

Curvy girls are a lot better than skinny ones. Don’t just take our word for it. While beauty depends on the eye of the beholder, more guys prefer curvy girls than girls with typical model bodies. Even if they have slim and tall women in their arm, some men confess that they really prefer women who have a full figure.

1. Curvy Girls have Good Sense of Humor

Just think about it. Most curvy girls are subject to fat jokes, and this might be the reason why a lot of them have a good sense of humor.

2. They have a Positive Outlook on Things

Curvy girls are more confident about them and exude a lot of positive aura. They have nothing but positivity and being around one can make you feel better about yourself as well.

3. Curvy Girls Don’t Count Calories

Curvy girls can be your food buddy.
If you love food, then you will love
to go out with a girl who doesn’t eat green salad each time you eat out
for dinner, while you’re eating steak.

4. Curvy Girls Can Hold Their Liquor

And just as curvy girls love to eat,
they can also hold their liquor. And they would not drink the light calorie beers. They can take craft beer with
all the calories that go with it.

5. Curvy Girls Are Good in the Kitchen

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is what they say and one advantage curvy girls have over skinny ones is that they know their way in the kitchen.

Well, what are your views?

Source: Agbo’s Blog
FROM Da SOURCE by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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