10 Simple Signs To Catch A Liar

1. No eye contact.

Most liars find it very difficult to hold eye contact.

2. OR too much eye contact!

Okay, this is way too creepy. While trying to debunk the “no eye contact” bit about lying, some liars go the complete other way- their piercing glance is a tell tale of their lie.

3. Fidgeting.

A sure sign that someone is lying is that they play with their hair, shuffle their feet; fidget with either with their own body or with their surroundings. It’s a sign of nervousness.

4. Statue? You’re it!

While many people fidget when they lie, some are known to stand extremely still. A stiff upper body is a sign of lack in confidence.

5. Incessant throat clearing.

We tend to clear our throat more often than usual when we lie.

6. Sweating

Totally gross and totally a liar!
7. Stumbling over words

“I, uhhh have no clue about umm that thing you are talking about.” Oh, really?

8. Rambling!

Even if somebody is able to string a complete sentence together without hesitation, there are those liars who tend to ramble through their story.

9. Verbal Dodging/Use of more formal speech…

Have you ever been in a situation when you confront someone and they switch to formal speech? Such use of strict and proper language is an indicator of lying.

10. Impulsive emotions!

Watch out for those people who cannot control their feelings when put under the spotlight!

Source: Things You Missed
FROM Da SOURCE by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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