Woman’s ‘Cheap’ Weavon Leads To Bacterial Infection On Her Scalp

Have you ever been in a financial bind and decided to get your weave installed for cheap by someone who was non-licensed? A Texas college student did, and now her hair is irreparably damaged.

When 22-year-old Brittney Dever was offered the chance to get human hair placed on her head for only $60, she jumped at the opportunity.
“I went to someone’s house. She installed a weave-in cap in my hair,” Dever told ABC7.

Dever wore the long, curly weave for two weeks until she woke up one day and noticed there was blood on her pillow. She began taking the hair out, but the fake hair began pulling out her real hair.

“It smelled horrible,” said Dever. “I was nauseous when I was taking my hair out.” After the weave was out, Devers had a large bald patch in the middle of her head. The hairless area was covered in pus and scabs.
Dever went to a professional hair salon and showed a stylist what had happened to her scalp. The stylist suspected that dirty hair utensils and the hair being pulled too tight may have been the root of the issue.
“I was just in shock when I saw her picture,” said Natural Resources Salon owner Tamika Fletcher. “It seemed like the weave was pulled too tight and opening her scalp and exposing her scalp. I think there could have been a possibility of the utensils being unclean or unsanitary.”

Dermatologist Dr. Tracy Katz said that a serious infection had grown on Dever’s scalp. “Those kinds of infections on the scalp can cause hair loss,” Dr. Katz told ABC7. “[They can] become deeper, debilitating, and disfiguring.”

The middle of Dever’s head is still bald today. Dever, who was shown on ABC7 wearing her natural hair, said that her experience with the inexpensive weave has complicated her styling choices.
“I can’t wear my hair out,” Dever said. “I have to wear it up all the time now.”
She urges women to make better choices when it comes to grooming their mane. “Go to a salon that’s sanitary, that’s clean,” urged Dever. “It’s worth spending the extra money because you get what you pay for. Going to someone’s home to get the extra service may not be the best idea. You can end up losing instead of gaining.”

Source: Agbo’s Blog
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