30 Things Men Do to Turn Women Off

There are times men wonder why they can’t a get second date, keep a girlfriend, or get a woman’s phone number. There are things women are willing to put up with, but they do have their limits. Below are 30 humorous and gross things men do to turn women off.

#30 Fur coats

It’s hard to believe that men still wear fur coats. Hip Hop celebrities can barely pull this look off. Don’t try it at home. If you insist on wearing a fur coat when you pick up your date, don’t be surprised when she slams the door in your face without saying a word.

#29 Saggy jeans

Women don’t want to see your under wear or boxers. Saggy jeans are sloppy and played out. Get a belt.

#28 Ordering fruity beverages.

If you’re a couple on a tropical island and you ordered a pina colada that’s fine. Ordering a seabreeze while on a first date might raise some eyebrows. Perception is key. Ordering fruity drinks gives the impression that you are wimpy and not enough of a man. After all, sissy boys can’t handle their liquor. Order a jack and coke and man up.

#27 Gawking at every woman on the street.

Yes, we know men are wired to do it. However, you don’t have to do it every two blocks. Do this too often and your date will think you’re a dog. Why bother dating a man if you or any other woman will never be enough for him? Women cut their losses as soon as they see this warning sign. If you want a woman to stick around, pull yourself together and get your libido under control.

#26 Being too friendly with the waitress.

Women don’t mind you being nice to a waitress, but giving too much attention might give us the wrong idea, especially on the first date. Be friendly just don’t over do it.

#25 Being rude to a waitress.

Okay, your steak is too salty. That is no reason to cuss out the waitress. She didn’t cook it. Outlandish behavior like this will definitely turn a woman off. It also gives the impression that you have a short fuse. Keep your cool over little things.

#24 Acting like Mr. Know-It-All.

There is nothing worse than talking to a man who thinks he is the smartest person in the room. Women like smart men, but not know-it-alls who dominate the conversation with his vast so-called knowledge. Open your mind to let other opinions and theories flow.

#23 Being a big fan of a boy band.

It’s okay to like music by a boy band. What is not okay is to be obsessed with them. For instance, I met a guy a few years ago. We dated for a couple of weeks. He was nice and a pretty good kisser if I do say so myself. One night, I went to his apartment. He cut on the light and I was accosted with Nsync posters. The posters were all over his living room and hallway walls. Then, he had the nerve to take me on a tour of his place. When he opened the bedroom door Nsync posters were everywhere. That wasn’t the worst of it. He had a poster of Joey Fatone, member of Nsync, taped on the ceiling above his bed. To make a long story short we broke up.

#22 Accusing women of trying to change you.

I dated a guy who loved to make plans with me and then didn’t show up. He always had an excuse. I asked him if he couldn’t make it then please call and let me know. He accused me of trying to change him. Talk about defensive.

Asking men to lift the toilet seat or calling if they can’t make it are not signs of a woman trying to change you. We are just asking you to display common courtesy. If you can’t handle that, then you shouldn’t be dating in the first place. Get a grip and stop being so defensive.

#21 Being inconsiderate.

No matter how independent women have become they still like it when men open the door for them. The one thing I always hear on bad date stories from my friends is how he wouldn’t open the door for her. Women still like it when you bring them flowers. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. You can get a cheap bouquet of flowers at Wal-Mart for $10.99. Women love the gesture. Be a gentleman. Say thank you and don’t use foul language.

#20 Lying

A lot of guys in the world have made lying a second language and a sport. Women still hate it. If you don’t want to see us anymore just say it. If you don’t want to go to the opera because you want to hang out with the boys, just say it. You think women will get mad over the truth. It’s nothing compared to how mad we’ll get when we find out you are a consistent liar. Granted, some women put up with it for a while, but it gets old.

#19 Video game obsession.

There is nothing wrong with a grown man playing video games. Women play video games, too. However, it is different when it becomes an obsession. I had a friend who dated a guy who was video game obsessed. If that wasn’t bad enough, his friends were video game obsessed. No matter what time of the day she would go over to her boyfriend’s apartment him and his friends were playing video games. If there weren’t a pack of gamers at the apartment he would be playing by himself. It got to the point that they couldn’t go anywhere together because he was busy playing video games. After three months of this, she got fed-up and stopped seeing him. The real shock is that this clueless man couldn’t understand why she broke up with him. She flat out told him it was because he became too obsessed with video games. He couldn’t understand what she meant.

Don’t let video games control you. It is okay as something different to do, but don’t take it to far. Some women won’t date guys who play video games. They get the impression that the guy is immature.

#18 Chewing gum over the phone.

Chewing gum in someone’s ear is just flat out annoying. I know this guy that can’t keep a woman interested. After knowing him for a few years there’s only one thing I can pick out that would make a woman snap and cut him off. His loud gum chewing. At first, he only did it once in a while. Now, he is chomping gum like a cow every time he calls me. I’ve even asked him to stop it once and he still kept doing it. It has become so annoying that I try to avoid his calls when I can. It’s okay to chew gum, just don’t do it over the phone.

#17 Saying something stupid.

Considering the fact that I’ve seen this “don’t” rule all over television I can’t believe it is still a problem. Guys don’t say anything stupid. Asking if a woman has PMS, asking what kind of cartoons do we like, and asking about a woman’s sexual past are all examples of saying something stupid.

Watch what you say or you will talk your way out of a date. For instance, two years ago a guy moved into my neighborhood that I found attractive. I formally met him at the mailbox, but I noticed him before that. After living in the neighborhood for two months I went over to his place and asked if he would like to come over for dinner on Friday. He agreed and asked me if I like to come inside. Boy, what a mistake that was. As soon as we sat down to talk all kinds of stupid garbage came out of his mouth. He even asked me if I had a fuck buddy. To make a long story short I got out of there and took my invitation to dinner back. I avoided him like the plague ever since.

#16 Not kissing a woman enough.

Women like being kissed. We can’t help it. We understand that men are not always big with the PDAs, but you need to kiss us at the appropriate time. Women like being kissed during a romantic evening at home and while having sex. Some of my male friends have told me they don’t like kissing a woman too much because it’s too personal. Well getting into a woman’s pants is personal, but that doesn’t stop you from having sex.

#15 Jealousy

I am going to let the secret out. Sometimes women like it when men get jealous. The narrowing of your eyes and the possessive way you put your arm around us is just cute. Since, men don’t always express how they feel about the woman in his life we have to latch on to the non-verbal things you say. This action says she’s with me, I want you, and I am not sharing you.

However, we don’t like it when jealousy goes overboard. The last thing a woman wants to see is a bar room brawl because her boyfriend didn’t like the way some drunk guy was looking at her. Women hate it when you are overly jealous of their guy friends. I have a friend whose husband was so obsessively jealous about her that he got mad one time because she crossed her legs in public. He said, “Un-cross your legs! I don’t want everyone to see what I got!” Chill, dude. Jealousy makes you look like an uncontrolled monster.

#14 Sloppy drunkenness

It is bad taste to get smashed on a date, especially a first date. What was supposed to be a lovely evening is now a babysitting job for your date. Do this and you definitely won’t get a second date. Have a minimum of two drinks. If you can’t hold your liquor, then drink water.

#13 Grabbing your crotch.

We know it’s there. No need to draw attention to it. This action does not show how manly you are. This shows how vulgar you are. It also gives the impression that you have crabs.

#12 Using dumb pick up lines.

Honestly guys, would you go out with a woman who said, “Roses are red, violets are blue. I’m really horny let’s go and screw.” No? Then, why do you expect women to go out with you when you say it? For the love of Pete, let go of the stinking pick up lines. They don’t get you a date or a woman’s phone number. However, they might work to get a drink or a slap in the face. If you like us, then approach us like you have some sense. Try this instead, “Hi, how are you? My name is (insert name). What’s yours?”

#11 Asking for sex on the first introduction.

Women know men like sex, but let us get comfortable before you proposition us. Coming off as a h0rny toad is a real turn off.

#10 Constantly talking about your ex.

This has been mentioned so many times on television and in love advice columns that it’s hard to believe it is still an issue. Stop talking about your ex. Women don’t want to hear you go on and on about your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife.

You will talk yourself right out of something good. For instance, I had a friend who divorced his wife two years before we started hanging out a lot more. At first we were just acquaintances, then we started to have a real friendship going. We would watch movies, talk on the phone, and go out to eat. I started to have feelings for him, but the problem was he wouldn’t shut up about his ex-wife. No matter what subject we were talking about he found a way to work her in the conversation. I was always afraid to give a sign or a hint that I was interested in being more than friends because I got the impression he was still in love with his ex-wife.

#9 Dirty fingernails

Having dirty fingernails is a real turn off to women. Women don’t want you rubbing your hands through their hair with those dirty things. We rather see a man get a manicure, than to see a man with dirty nasty fingernails. Too macho to get a manicure? Buy a nail brush, it only cost three dollars.

#8 Asking, “Why are you single?”

When I was in middle school, my teacher told me there was no such thing as a stupid question. Well, she was wrong. This question is so stupid and insulting that it is in a class by itself. Fellas, don’t ask this, period. This question is so stupid that I’m not going to type anything else about it.

#7 Having an un-kept bathroom.

If you are inviting a woman over, clean your bathroom. Women don’t expect to see your bathroom decked out Martha Stewart style, but we do expect it be clean. Examples of having a nasty bathroom are dirty towels in the floor, no toilet paper on the roll, stained toilet seat, toothpaste on the mirror, no hand soap, no hand towels, and a soap scum shower curtain.

#6 Being unemployed.

If you lost your job because of the recession that’s one thing, being a lazy bum is a different story. Women don’t want to pay every time she goes out with you. We don’t expect you to have a lot of money, but we do expect you to have your own source of income. Women want men who can take care of their own affairs, not a little boy who has to ask mommy for money.

#5 Outrages facial hair.

Women think facial hair is sexy…most of the time. However, men have come up with weird facial hair designs.

I was at a club one night and met this guy at the bar. He was nice and very intelligent. The problem was he had a goatee that had two long braids hanging down from it. The braids hung down to his chest. It was just unattractive. He was a wonderful conversationalist, but I got away from him because I couldn’t stand to look at that tasteless goatee for one more minute.

Another thing about out of control facial hair is that food gets caught in it. Gross! If you’re a guy who got the patch facial hair going on, then give it up and shave it off. Men who can’t grow full facial hair look like wildebeests from the land of Oz. Keep beards, mustaches, and goatees trimmed.

#4 Man boobs

Ewww and double ewww. No woman wants to date a man with breasts, I’m sorry. When women see men with bigger breast than them it freaks and grosses them out. Most women don’t mind men being overweight, but we draw the line at man boobs. Do you want your woman going to Victoria’s Secret to buy you a bra? Or do you want her to buy something for herself that you will hopefully see? Man boobs are so grotesque that some women are willing to forgive men who’ve had plastic surgery to have them removed. Don’t want surgery? Do some push-ups or some other type of chest exercises; just get rid of those things!

#3 Urinating in public.

For some reason, men think it is their God given right to whip out Mr. Willie and pee in public. What are you, a dog marking his territory? Go to the bathroom like everyone else. For instance, my boyfriend (at the time) and I had been dating for three months. We were at a dance club and things started to get a little….hot between us. We decided to leave and go somewhere more private. When we got to the parking lot, he opened the car door for me and I got in. When he walked around to the front of the car he stopped and faced a brick wall of another building. He whipped out Mr. Willie and urinated. He could have at least gone to a spot where I couldn’t see him. Oh, here is something better, he could have went to the bathroom before we left. Urinating in public is a complete sexual turn off, period.

#2 Chewing tobacco

Women would rather date a man who smokes than to date someone who chews tobacco or miraa. That brown grit gets in your teeth and turns your saliva brown. It also makes your breath stink so bad that a pack of tic tacs would run and hide from you. If you chew tobacco and tell a woman to give you a kiss, she will tell you to kiss something of hers, too.

#1 Hocking loogies and launching snot rockets.

What in the blue hell is wrong with men who do this? This is not attractive. This is nasty, gross, despicable, and stomach turning. Did I mention nasty? Bad enough, that you hock loogies, now you’ve come up with snot rockets. For the love of Ray J, Pete, God, and everything holy take a Claritin and use a tissue. Damn!

Women don’t expect men to be perfect. All of us have baggage and habits. However, lets not get carried away. The 30 offenses mentioned in this article are guaranteed to keep a man lonely. Have a nice day.

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