Ice Bucket Challenge: Some Nigerians Are Doing the Ice Water Challenge Without Knowing What the Cause is For

Some folks in Nigeria are doing the ice water challenge without knowing what the cause is for. Don’t be a BANDWAGONIST. get informed before you follow.

In a nutshell ALS is a disease that makes those affected to always feel like they are constantly soaked in ice water. The challenge is to create awareness and raise money for those affected with the disease.

I see Nigerians do the challenge without making mention of the cause. How many cases of ALS do we have in Nigeria? Are funds being raised in Nigeria to fight ALS in Nigeria or America? Better yet, why don’t we come up with our own challenges.

Like (The malaria challenge, or No electricity challenge, Reduce poverty challenge, even Unemployment challenge, the list goes on. When can we as Nigerians think for ourselves, must we always allow the western world to think for us? Let us join hands and end BANDWAGONISATION.

This is why PDP and APC are using us as pawn in their battle to control and share the resources of our nation. Until we strive for FACTS and TRUTH, we shall remain a people of IGNORANCE and what I call BANDWAGONISATION. as the ice water challenge has so clearly proven.

Thank you and God bless till I feel the urge to vent again.


Written by: Michael Billions Aggrey

Source: Talk of Nigeria
FROM Da SOURCE by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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