Boxing: Mayweather asked to ‘Fight like a Man’

Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent Marcos Maidana has called him out painting him as an evasive coward in the ring.

Mayweather  beat Maidana in May on a unanimous decision in South America and is expected to have a rematch in Las Vegas on the 13th of September for the World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council titles.

“I’m going to be on him from the opening bell,” Maidana said. “I’m going to try and force him to fight.

“I’m preparing for anything. If he’s going to run like a little bitch I’m going to have to chase him and I’m prepared to do that.

“It’s difficult to knock out Floyd because he runs but I will try my best and we will see what happens. I want him to stand and fight like a man. Stop crying like a little bitch and fight.”

Mayweather , 46-0 with 26 knockouts, complained on the eve of the first fight about the lack of front padding in the gloves Maidana planned to use and has also accused his opponent of using mixed martial arts tactics during fights.

Mayweather Promotions Chief Executive Leonard Ellerbe have informed Maidana’s camp that they can use their preferred Everlast Powerback gloves against Mayweather in his fight.

“It does make a difference,” Maidana trainer Robert Garcia said. “We have to understand that’s the way the business is. We can’t have any excuses.”

Maidana, 35-4 with 31 knockouts, felt he dominated early in the first fight and plans to make a few changes in his rematch.

“I just have to make a few adjustments, land a few more punches,” Maidana said. “I know what to expect. I know what Mayweather brings to the table. I know what I have to do to win.

“The first fight, the pressure was very good, but I didn’t do well the distance control. I smothered a lot of my punches. I didn’t connect with good solid punches. If I work my distances, control my shots, I think I can hurt him.”

Mayweather’s last rematch was in 2002 where he defeated Jose Luis Castillo for the WBC lightweight crown. This will be the first rematch for his opponent.

“I think it benefits me more,” Maidana said. I’m able to correct the mistakes I made in the first fight. He makes very few mistakes but I know what they are now and I know how to exploit them more.”

Maidana has trained eight weeks, three weeks more than his previous fight because his wife was in the final stages of her pregnancy.

“That’s going to make a big difference,” Garcia said. “His punches are a lot more accurate. Our sparring partners say they feel the power even harder than the first time around.

“Maidana is going to come in with an aggressive start that no one, not even the best boxer, is going to get away from. Mayweather can’t do many different things. We can. That’s going to be enough.”


Source: The Heralds
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