Things A Guy Will Do When He’s Serious About You

I feel bad when I hear a broken hearted girl complaining that her said man has rejected her. It’s easy to gang up against the guy and judge him harshly but that’s not how I do things. I seek to get to the bottom of things and get all the facts. Turns out that on most occasions women just pronounce themselves girlfriends to guys who aren’t even interested in dating. Just because you sleep with him does not mean he’s Mr. Right and I think this is where most girls get it wrong. Because you reserve your goodies for only boyfriends doesn’t mean that everyone who gets it is interested. There are things a guy will do when he’s interested in more than just bumping uglies.

He will clearly define the relationship you have with him.

He will be very open about it and will brag to his friends about you. If a guy is sneaky and only wants to take you out at night when his friends and the world in general can’t see you then beware. He either thinks that you embarrass him or you are spare wheel he’s really trying to keep a secret. If you find yourself in such a situation just know you are being used. There’s no other explanation as to why a guy should be so shifty with you.

He will clearly define the relationship you have with him. There are these guys who refuse to call you their girlfriend and will be caught dead using the three words ‘I love you.’ These are the very guys who will say they cannot use those words when their show that they indeed love you. Be careful about these! Keep a very keen eye and move cautiously, don’t invest emotionally until you know for sure that he’s for real.

You will become central to his decision making. Everything he’ll do and every plan he’ll have will have you at the center. Only then will you tell that you form part of his future plans, whether immediate and long term. That’s the best way you can tell that you have a future with him. A guy who is all about himself is not someone you should introduce to your mother. Those are selfish men who will ditch you the moment they find someone else worth two quick glances.

He will be jealous and protective of you when he’ll notice you spend too much of your time with guys. Failure to do so will show lack of passion and desire to have you in his life. It can also be that he has other people he’s seeing and doesn’t bother you might cheat on him because he’s already doing it. All men have a little envy in them, it’s healthy.

Before wailing to the world that you’ve been publicly denied first make sure you’re actually dating and not just sleeping together and hanging out without goals. Before calling on everyone to condemn the guy look to make sure there is nothing that will also leave you embarrassed.

Source: Things You Missed
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