5 Things You DIDN’T Know About Semen.

1. Women Can Be Allergic To semen

Yes, you read that right. About 5% of women are actually allergic to semen, making having sex (and possibly getting pregnant) a little bit more difficult for them than the average woman. Fortunately though, the allergic reactions aren’t usually severe and may just be more uncomfortable for the woman than anything else.

Women who are allergic to sperm can avoid reactions by using a condom during intercourse. Even women with latex allergies can use polyurethane condoms. Since an allergic reaction to sperm probably isn’t going to be that severe, precautions that are taken are more for the woman’s comfort than anything else.

2. Giving Head Can Make A Woman’s Pregnancy Easier

Believe it or not, if a woman gives her partner oral sex (and presumably swallows) regularly before getting pregnant by her partner, she will have an easier pregnancy and less problems with high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. This is because her body has been given plenty of time to get used to the foreign DNA in the man’s sp3rm, so the mother’s body is less likely to reject the pregnancy!

3. It Can Make A Woman Feel Happier

There’s a reason that women feel elated after having sex with their partners, and it’s not always because he gave her an incredible, earth shaking 0rgasm. In fact, just the simple deposit of s3men into her vaginal canal can boost a girl’s mood and make her feel happier and have a greater sense of well being.

This is due to the variety of hormones that are present in ejaculatory fluid, including testosterone, estrogen, prolactin and lots of different prostaglandins. A study at the University Of New York showed that women in relationships where condoms were always used were more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than women in relationships where condoms were never used. Notably, women in abstinent relationships scored the highest on the scale as being the most likely to suffer from mood problems.        
Of course, make sure that you are with a monogamous partner and you’ve both been tested for and are clear of STD’s before deciding to go condom-free!

4. A Man Will Never Run Out Of ejaculatory Fluid

No matter how often a man has sex or masturbates, he will never run out of ejaculatory fluid. Studies have shown that a man only requires fifteen minutes (and in some cases less) to completely re-up his supply of sperm after ejaculating. This further proves that men are able to experience multiple orgasms! Men are less likely to ejaculate again during the second orgasm, however, it is possible since a man can completely replenish his ejaculatory fluid in very little time.

5. Semen Can Promote Tooth Decay

There are components in ej@culatory fluid that attract acid-loving bacteria and after fellatio, these bacteria can hang out in your mouth and go to work on your gums and teeth. This can promote cavities, tooth decay and gum disease, but don’t stress out too much about it. Giving your man head isn’t going to cause you to have dentures anytime soon. Just simply make sure you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash after you’re finished. But let’s face it – that’s probably already something you do after fellatio anyways.

Courtesy of ‘The Things You Missed’
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