5 Most Common Kissing Mistakes

1. Bad Breath

It just really ruins both your game and the mood. Knights in shining armor don’t have halitosis – they smell minty. You may be no knight, but that does not give your mouth license to smell like sewer. Bad breath is a major turn-off and a deal breaker, she’ll kick you back to the Middle Ages.

The easiest, fastest way to mask smell is thru mouth wash, mouth spray or mints. But if you’ve got rotting teeth inside, who would want to suck on that? So march up to your dentist and have it fixed. Yes, it will probably hurt, so get over it.

Drink plenty of water and stay away from stuff like onions, cigarettes and alcohol when you know you’ll be making out. (Brushing 4 hours prior is useless.)

2. Immediately Slipping Her The Tongue

There’s time for that. Play the whole game and begin with lip-on-lip action without the tongue. Relax your lips, and don’t push on hers like you’re grating them back to her teeth. Get busy with her luscious reds first, both the upper and lower sets. Make use of head and neck motions to slide lips past each other.

When you do slip her Mr. Tongue, don’t give it all away. Reveal him bit by bit. And when you’re already frenching away, draw him back every once in a while and make her chase you. Pull back and tease!

3. Ramming Your Tongue Down Her Throat

That is not cool. Passionate kissing is good, but thrusting too deep is highly invasive, you’ll make her gag. (When that happens, kissing’s over.) If she badly wants your tongue, she’ll be sucking and swallowing it down herself, so don’t force feed her. Keep focus on the first 1-1.5 inches of her tongue.

4. Thinking That kissing Only Happens During foreplay

Don’t leave all the kissing (and caressing) outside the bedroom door during foreplay. If anything, you need to hand-out more of those during sex, throughout the sack session. A woman will always want to be kissed, and everytime she recounts a wonderful encounter, it always involved a lot of mouth action.

5. Thinking That kissing Only Involves Mouth To Mouth Action

This is rarely so. Around 80% of the time, the lips are not the target of a kiss. You can kiss virtually anywhere there’s skin. Neck, shoulders, back. Take advantage of your lip’s & tongue’s softness and make her body quake.

Courtesy of ‘Things You Missed’
FROM Da SOURCE by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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