7 REASONS Why you always end up being the ‘other Woman’ or Single

1.You have no respect for other people’s relationships

Every time you want to get involved with another woman’s man and it does not seem to bother you.This is a character in most women who have no self respect either,knowing someone is happy i their relationship there is no reason why you should get involved with them because you are as good as a home wrecker.

2.You have low self esteem

Esteem issues do not necessarily mean you do not have the courage but the believe that you are perfect in your own way and can have a relationship of your own without having to ruin anybody’s. Being the ‘other women’ and still be comfortable with it can be as a result of low self esteem.

3.Past relationships experiences

Relationships in the past can be the cause of you being the other woman at all times as they may have hurt you or crushed you and as a result you prefer being in a fling with someone other than a serious relationship even if ‘your partner’ is in a relationship.

4.You simply have no morals

Normally everyone would like to fall in love and be in a relationship with someone they know is theirs or they have a future with, but if you have no morals of your own then you simply do not mind being referred to as the ‘other woman’ over and over.

5.You are scared of falling in love

Once you are scared of falling in love you might end up opting to just be the side woman who does not have to take the ‘relationship’ seriously. You might be in the relationship for money, sex or both but nothing too serious to a point of settling down.

When this is the case, you need to know that falling in love is not a crime but you need to take your time and realize what you want before getting involved with anyone.

6.Being afraid of responsibility

Every one in a relationship have their own responsibility and role they play. The responsibilities in a relationship are sometimes tough and since you have to undertake each of them, you need to make sure you are ready for a relationship. This might be the reason why the women end up being the ‘other woman’ in a relationship.

7.You are not ready for anything serious just yet

Once someone is out of a relationship they need time before settling for another and during that time, a woman may decide that being single is not an option and they can easily get into a relationship being the ‘other woman’ knowing or not.In my opinion, any relationship should be taken seriously and every one who is not ready for anything serious would rather be single than be the cause of people ending up single as a result of ruining their relationship.

Courtesy of ‘Things You Missed’
FROM Da SOURCE by lnvisiblε NεtωorK™


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