Film News – Marvel’s Super Hero ‘Ant-Man’ (The Movie) Recruits ‘Watchmen’ Hero

The small-scale “Ant-Man” is increasing in size, at least where its cast is concerned. Director Edgar Wright’s cast already includes Paul Rudd as Scott Lang and Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, two different generations of heroes using the Ant-Man moniker.

But now, it appears there could be a third Ant-Man in the rotation — played by Patrick Wilson. The Wrap reports that Wilson, best known within the superhero genre for playing Nite Owl in “Watchmen,” is in negotiations to join Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man,” though details of his character are unknown. The report mentions that Marvel needs to fill out a third “charismatic leading man,” and Wilson certainly fits that bill. Could it be that Wilson is actually playing a younger version of Douglas’ character? It’s been reported that portions of “Ant-Man” take place in the 1960s, featuring a young Hank Pym in the thick of Cold War intrigue, operating on behalf of the United States. While aging-down and motion-capture could help Douglas play those parts of the movie, it’s equally possible that Marvel will want a younger, recognizable face to take on those particular “Ant-Man” scenes. Another possibility: Wilson is “Ant-Man’s” villain, or one of the villains. Details of the film’s bad guys emerged in the middle of January, stating that Ant-Man would initially battle a character named Castillo (rumored to be played by
Michael Pena, another actor mentioned in The Wrap’s report), before shifting his attention to a second, “primary villain.” Who is that villain? Who knows — but Wilson can play bad just as well as he can play good. Whoever Wilson is playing, we know the man can rock tights. Here’s hoping he gets another chance to put on a super-suit.

Keep your eyes on “Ant-Man” as more news develops. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if Wilson, Pena, or even rumored female lead Evangeline Lilly have parts to play in the superhero film, in theaters July 17, 2015. Who do you think Patrick Wilson is playing in “Ant-Man”?

Courtesy of MTV News
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